Newsletter - Term 1, Week 8

BVPS Valley View Monday 18th March 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   
Fri 22 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ BVPS
Fri 22 - Harmony Day Lunch
Fri 29 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ Meadows

Fri 5 - Last Day of Term - Early Finish
Mon 22 - Easter Monday - No School
Tues 23 - First Day of Term 2
Thur 25 - Anzac Day Public Holiday - No School
Term 1 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 1 April


Principal's Message

At Broadmeadows Valley Primary School we are very proud and fortunate to have a very dedicated and supportive school community.  At our school the staff, parents and carers all recognise that the education of our children is a partnership between us all.

We expect our school community to respect our school values, set a good example of their own behaviour both on school premises and when assisting within the learning neighbourhoods.

We are all aware of the importance of good working relationships and all recognise the importance of these relationships to equip our children with the necessary skills for their education. For these reasons we will continue to welcome and encourage parents and carers to participate fully in the life of our school.

You are receiving the schools’ Code Of Conduct that provides everyone one of us with a clear understanding of the expectations around the conduct of all parents, carers and visitors connected to our school.

We are committed to resolving difficulties in a constructive manner, through an open and positive dialogue. However, we understand that everyday misunderstandings can cause frustrations and have a negative impact on our relationships. Where issues arise or misconceptions take place, please contact your child’s teacher or the Learning Neighbourhood Leader, who will be available to meet with you and go through the issue and assist you to resolve it.

This code aims to clarify the types of behaviour that will not be tolerated and seeks parental agreement to these expectations.

The code of conduct also sets out the actions the school can take should this code be ignored or where breaches occur.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to give our students the best possible learning experience.


Yours sincerely,


Carmela Bianco


Read the Code of Conduct (PDF) here



We are currently trialling a different time for assembly. Assembly will be held on Friday’s at 2.35pm.

Students will return to the Learning Neighbourhoods after assembly and be dismissed by their teachers.

Neighbourhood News - LN2


It has been a fabulous start to the year in Learning Neighbourhood 2. Our dedicated teachers, Jan, Nick, Laurena and Aimee, are enjoying getting to know all of the students and are developing an understanding of how they learn best.

Students have been learning to follow the structure of a Narrative during Reading sessions. Some of the exciting books we have purchased and are studying include ‘Little Beauty’ and ‘Willy the Wimp’ by Anthony Browne and ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ by Aaron Blabey. We have been learning about character feelings and traits and how these affect the ways characters behave.

During Numeracy sessions, all students have been using their problem solving skills to work through open ended tasks. We have also started exploring 3-D objects and their attributes and even constructed a variety of objects using match sticks, marshmallows and nets.

We are so excited to continue to explore performing arts every Friday as part of ‘The Song Room’ program, which is being delivered by expert choreographer Tyson Wakley. We look forward to entertaining our school community with performances later in the year, showcasing all of our new skills.


Jan, Nick, Laurena & Aimee - LN3 Team

Specialist News - Visual Art/Spanish


It has been a great start to the year in the art room. We have been very busy!

In Learning Neighbourhood 1 we have been inspired by the artist Salvador Dalí and his famous painting ‘Girl at the window’ to create our own artwork. All of our windows are arranged in a beautiful display that you can come and see in the art room at any time.

Two weeks ago we welcomed the foundation students in the art room and it has been fantastic to see how Grade 1 and Grade 2 students have helped them around the space. They really have demonstrated our school value of Gus and Gert.

Students are now learning about warm and cool colours while they explore different materials to create their very own pieces. We have been learning about the use of watercolour paint and it has been fun!

During these weeks we have also been focusing on how to care for, and respect the materials and how to be safe in this environment.

In Learning Neighbourhood 2 and Learning Neighbourhood 3 we have been discovering the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and getting inspired by his stunning, diverse art.

Students in Learning Neighbourhood 2 have been learning about line and shape. We have been focusing on the use of contour lines to create our artworks. Students have their 2D linear mobiles inspired by Hundertwasser ready to be displayed. We hope to have them hanging in the art room by the end of term. Please come in and admire their work. Everyone has put in lots of effort and has demonstrated our school value of Pablo while working on this project.
Students in Learning Neighbourhood 3 have being learning about line and shape, as well as colour contrast. We have been focusing on the use of contour lines and complementary colours to create a piece of artwork that is unique and reflects our understanding of Hundertwasser’s universe.

Our Grade 5/6 display is still in progress. We hope to have it ready by the end of term in the entrance to the art room. If you are walking past, please make sure you stop and have a look. Students have displayed their best Pablo and Djinda values while working on this project.


Marina López – Specialist Visual Arts teacher

Young Leaders News - Wellbeing & Community Leaders


On the 8th of March the Wellbeing and Cultural Young Leaders took over and taught LN1, LN2 and LN3 about what International Women's Day means. International Women's Day is about celebrating the special women in our lives and how women fought for equality.
During this time many women struggled and went through pain fighting for equal rights, so as leaders we respect them and appreciate them for how they have changed the world.
Through the day we went around to every neighbourhood and taught the students what a role model is and had students think about who their female role models are, and why they are important.
As the day came to an end we went around and gave a big block of chocolate to all the female staff to thank them for the important work they do.
So we ask - who is the most important woman in your life, and what has she done for you?


Wellbeing and Community Leaders

Community News

We are counting down the days until our annual Taste of Harmony picnic on Friday! Families are invited to join us at school for a picnic lunch on Friday. This is an event we have every year when we all come together and share a little bit of our culture through food. Please join us to celebrate our amazing multicultural community!
Friday 22nd March 12.00pm – 1.30pm.
Bring a dish of food from your country to share (click here to download the form to fill in with the food you bring)
You are welcome to wear your national costume or dress in the colour orange (the official colour of Harmony Day).


Kirsten - Community Engagement Leader

Hume Council School Holiday Activities
Read the timetable and more information here (PDF)!

Hume Council Youth Week Activities
Read about the events and more information here (Website Link)

School Banking

Learners of the Week

Congratulations to the following students who have exemplified our school learning values over the last 2 weeks. They received their Learner of the Week certificates at assembly.

Week 6
02S - Azaa - Djinda
02M - Jorja F - Djinda
02J - Zamzam O - Rafid
02C - Mirudhula S - Gus & Gert
34V - Haeek H - Natia
34M - Stavro B - Gus & Gert
34L - Mariya I - Matilda
56H - Sefine T - Natia
56S - Mujahid N - Natia
56A - Kyu F - Gus & Gert
56G - Zage T - Djinda

Week 7

02M - Johliffe I - Djinda
02J - Omar O - Gus & Gert
34M - Connerson F - Rafid
34V - Grace J - Gus & Gert
34L - Tulia T - Djinda
56G - Yasmin A - Djinda
56H - Anthony G - Djinda
56S - Lianttu F - Djinda
56A - Asra S - Djinda