School Policies and Guidelines

Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance Policy

Building Exit Inspection Policy

Bullying and Cyber Prevention Policy

Cash Handling Policy

Student Excursions and Camp Policy

CCTV Policy

Child-Safety-Responding-Reporting Policy

Child Safe Standard 2 - Statement to the Commitment of Child Safety

Child Safe Standard 3 - Child Code of Conduct

Child Safe Standard 4 - Human Resources Practices

Child Safe Standard 5 - Responding to and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

Child Safe Standard 6 - Strategies to Identify, Reduce and Remove Risks of Child Abuse

Child Safe Standard 7 - Stratagies to Promote Child Participation and Empowerment

Complaints Policy

Critical Incident Policy and Management Plan

DET Parent Payment Policy

Digital Learning ( Internet, Social Media & Digital Devices) Policy

Discipline Policy

Duty of Care Policy 

Electronic Banking/Internet Banking Policy

Enrolment Policy

External Providers Policy

Extreme Weather Policy

First Aid Policy and Procedures

Flammable Liquids Policy

Gifts and Benefits Policy

Health Care Needs Policy

Home Learning (Homework) Policy

Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Investment Policy

Mandatory Reporting Policy

Medication Distribution Policy and Procedures

Mobile Phone Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Onsite Supervision Policy

Parent Payment Policy

Photographing, Filming and Recording Students Policy

Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

Refund Policy

School Purchasing Card Policy

School's Privacy Policy

Statement of Values and Philosophy

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

Student Wellbeing and Inclusion Policy

Sun Smart Policy

Uniform, Dress Code and Sunsmart Policy

Visitor Policy

Volunteers Policy



Annual Reports

BVPS Annual Report 2021

BVPS Annual Report 2022

BVPS Annual Report 2023

DET FAQ Documents
Parent Payment in Victorian Government Schools FAQ


BVPS Statement of Values and School Philosophy