Foundation School Tour Dates

Is your child starting school in 2025? Contact us to book a tour of our school. For more details please click here. We look forward to meeting with you! TERM 3 DATES NOW AVAILABLE!!!

BVPS Newsletter Term 2 Week 11

Hi everyone, the very last Newsletter for Semester 1 is now available to read here. We hope you all have a wonderful Term 2 break! Stay warm, stay safe and we look forward to seeing everyone back for Term 3.

BVPS Newsletter Term 2 Week 10

The latest edition of our school newsletter is now live and ready to read! Find somewhere warm, grab a hot drink and see what our school community has been doing recently here.

BVPS Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

Hi everyone, Winter is now upon us so please find somewhere warm to read the latest edition of our school newsletter! There's information about our upcoming Pyjama Day, as well as some details from our recent Zoo Excursion, so please take a look.

Event Calendar

July 2024


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Acknowledgement of Country

In this community, we acknowledge the Wurundjeri as the Traditional Custodians of the land in which we live, play learn and grow.

We pay our respects to the Elders past, present and future. We will continue to care for the country and all living things, as done by the Kulin Nation before us.