Newsletter - Term 4, Week 4

BVPS Valley View Monday 25th October 2021

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events 


Mon 25 - Prep students onsite

Tues 26 - Prep, 3/4 students onsite

Wed 27 - Prep, 3/4 students onsite

Thurs 28 - 1/2 and 5/6 students onsite

Fri 29 - 1/2 and 5/6 students onsite



Mon 1 - Curriculum Day - no school

Tues 2 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday - no school

Wed 3 - All students return to school onsite




Principal's Message


Dear parents and carers,

What an exciting week we had with our Preps, 1/2s and 5/6s returning for onsite learning. It was wonderful to see everyone’s faces in person and we were shocked by how much each of the children had grown in a term. All the children came in and settled straight into the routines of the school day. We are so very proud of you all.

We are just waiting now to see our Yr 3/4s on Tuesday and Wednesday, you have been so patient.

As we all know, unfortunately, we had a positive Covid case in one of the Grade 1 /2 homegroups of the school. We are one of many schools across the state to be impacted in the return week. Fortunately, due to our quick contact tracing and separation of cohorts and staff we can remain open for the rest of the Prep to Year 6 students in our school. The impact has been for 12 families instead of the entire group of families.

We acknowledge that this has not been an ideal way to start our return to school and we share our families’ frustrations, and we too are concerned for how our students are feeling. Online learning re-commences on Tuesday 26th Oct for the Grade 1 /2B (Miss Jen Thompson’s class).


Please see the included table to know the days your children are onsite.




We continue to be proud of everything that you have done and are doing for your children. We appreciate all the support you have provided for them during this incredible situation.


By following the guidelines we have put in place, we will continue to protect ourselves and hopefully remain healthy and Covid free.


Take care, be well and I look forward to the time when I can welcome you all back on site.




Back at School


Year 3-6 children must wear a mask and we strongly encourage the Prep – 2 children to as well. We are observing all COVID safe protocols as outlined by DET. We are teaching outside when we can, we have adequate ventilation with our many windows, neighbourhood groups are working as bubbles and the children sanitise and are encouraged to wash their hands many times across the day. Our staff are all vaccinated, wear masks when teaching and only work with one cohort of children. The cohorts also have their own toilets, play and learning spaces. Teachers are themselves doing additional cleaning throughout the day of high touch surfaces. We are taking every precaution to keep our children and staff safe. We ask that families keep children home who have cold symptoms and have them Covid tested before returning to school. Please send results to the school email. Children who present with symptoms at school will be removed from the classroom and isolated in sickbay until they are picked up. Children who are sent home will have to have a negative test to return to school or a letter from the doctor with a diagnosis of another condition e.g., asthma, hay fever etc.


Adults must drop their children at the front gates, please do not enter the school grounds.  We ask that families socially distance when picking up and dropping off their children and wear a mask.


WEDNESDAY 3rd Nov – will be our first day with everyone back onsite together, we cannot wait.


Curriculum Day


Monday 1st November is a Curriculum Day, this is a student free day, no online or onsite classes.




A reminder that as we are in Term 4, all children will need their hats. Our school policy is no hat, no play.


School Photos

BVPS school photos have been rescheduled for Term 4 for 18th November, Covid guidelines permitting.


A note from our school photographers advancedlife

Thank you for this opportunity to reassure your school community that advancedlife is committed to delivering safe school photography. We have provided the school with a document detailing the new procedures we have put in place to ensure that we help your school to keep everyone safe and well when we photograph your students and staff. We have changed the way we photograph schools to ensure that our team always maintain a safe 1.5 metre distance from students and staff at all times, and we’ve minimised the handling of paperwork and many other aspects of the day of photography to make sure there is no close interaction with students. This includes no longer professionally preparing students for photography by adjusting hair, uniforms or posture. Our photographers will now ask students to do their own preparation for their portrait photo. If the student needs assistance, then a supervising teacher will assist them. advancedlife will provide, wet wipes and hand sanitiser for students and staff to use when preparing themselves for photography. advancedlife will work with the school to keep everyone safe and well and deliver great school photos. If you would like to know more about our new safety procedures or if you wish to contact us directly, please visit


Photo ordering instructions available for download here

Covid-safe protocol information available to download here




Currently we have 200 children enrolled for 2022, if you know of families who have not enrolled their child/ren yet please remind them to contact us asap. We also ask if your family is moving out of the area to let us know as soon as you can, as this supports our planning for 2022.


Covid Information


Links for families - Covid Hotline 1800 675 398