Newsletter - Term 2, Week 4

BVPS Valley View Monday 10th May 2021

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   

Tues 11 - NAPLAN

Wed 12 - NAPLAN

Thurs 13 - NAPLAN

Fri 21 - LN2 Exursion

Mon 31 - School Photos

Mon 14 - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Fri 25 - Last Day of Term 2

Term 2 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 24 May
Mon 7 June
Mon 21 June


Principal's Message


Hello everyone and welcome to another week in our fabulous school,

We begin this fourth week having celebrated Mother’s Day over the weekend by acknowledging all that our mothers do for us and thanking them for it. The women in our families provide unconditional support and love to their family members. It is important we let them know how valued, appreciated, and loved they are.


NAPLAN is an Australia wide test that all students in Years 3 and 5 do each year. Last year due to COVID our students did not sit the test and they do not need to make it up this year.

Our current Year 3 and 5 students have been preparing for NAPLAN testing that will begin this Tuesday 11th May and continue Wednesday 12th May and ending on Thursday 13th May.

Our Grades 3 and 5 teaching teams have supported our students to become familiar with the format of the tests; this is a key strategy in building the confidence in our students.
It is normal for students to feel some nerves as this period approaches. What advice would I give our students, ‘do your best’ and answer each question on the paper.

We ask families to support their children to do their best by preparing them ready to learn. Having the right amount of sleep and a great breakfast will set them up for the day.

We wish all our students the very best for successful participation in NAPLAN in 2021.


EDUCATION WEEK - 23rd – 29th May 2021

Now in its 77th year, Education Week aims to positively profile and celebrate the strengths and achievements of Victoria's government education sector.

Education Week 2021 will run from 23rd-29th May and the theme is 'Building Connections'. The theme celebrates the connections between schools and local communities and strengthens bonds with families and carers.

Education Week is an opportunity for our school to showcase how we are building connections with the community around us.

Teams of teachers are currently organizing the activities for this week and will inform you and invite you to participate in the coming weeks.

It will be another opportunity to showcase the teaching and learning programs that your children participate in every day. An opportunity to see how our teachers and students work together to get the best out of each other. We hope that you will in some way participate and support our work during Education Week.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank students, staff, teachers, parents and carers for ensuring a safe and successful start to the 2021 school year and to thank you for your cooperation during the short period of remote learning in February during the circuit breaker restrictions.

As Term 2 commences, schools continue to be able to operate with a largely normal program of activity, enabling important on-site activities to return, such as school open days and working bees, with appropriate health and safety measures in place.

Throughout the pandemic, Victorian schools have rapidly and successfully adapted to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, embedding COVIDSafe principles by reinforcing good behaviours, creating safe spaces, adapting activities, and responding quickly to COVID-19 risk.

While we have seen outbreaks emerge in Victoria, we have also witnessed our capacity to respond quickly to limit the impact of these outbreaks.

Given the current very low risk of COVID-19 transmission in the community, continued high rates of testing and wastewater monitoring, and continued observance of health and safety measures in schools; those with medical vulnerabilities or their carers can feel reassured to continue to safely work and learn on school sites, and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

It is crucial, however, for everyone to remain vigilant by staying home when unwell, performing regular hand hygiene, wearing a mask when required and maintaining physical distancing from others when practical.

Should cases of COVID-19 increase again in the community, I am confident that with COVIDSafe plans in place, alongside our ability to quickly identify and respond to cases, schools remain safe places for all staff and students. I also continue to be reassured by evidence that children are less impacted by the virus and are less likely to develop severe illness.

The school community continues to have an important role to promote COVID-19 testing when a student or staff member has any symptoms, no matter how mild, and ensuring they remain home until they are well. Getting tested and staying home until results are known is critical to limiting community transmission.

Adj Clin Prof Brett Sutton

Victorian Chief Health Officer




A reminder that the Attitudes to School survey will be conducted at our school over the coming weeks. The survey takes around 20-45 minutes to complete and occurs during your child’s class time.
The survey results will be reported back to the school in an aggregate form throughout the survey period. All survey data that is made available in reports are for groups of students only so that no individual student can be identified.

The survey results will be communicated to you through our annual reporting mechanisms.

If you would like more information, please speak to your child’s teacher or visit:


Kind regards,






A reminder that updates on student learning, important messages regarding school and neighbourhood events and messages from your children's teachers are now all delivered via Seesaw. 

Please be logging into your Seesaw Family account regularly to check out what is happening at BVPS.

If you are having trouble logging into Seesaw Family or unable to connect to your childs account please speak to their homegroup teacher.


School Photos

BVPS school photos will be taken on Monday 31st March. Please ensure your child comes to school on time and in full school uniform.

Photo envelopes will be sent home in the coming days, and information on how to order is also available online here.



Gowrie News


At Gowrie Broadmeadows Valley we have recently welcomed a new member of staff, “Euki” (You-key, short for Eucalypt).


Euki is a Golder Retriever puppy who is being trained to be a therapy dog. Therapy animals in a school settings can contribute towards improving the overall wellbeing of students. Many children naturally enjoy interacting with animals and are therefore likely to respond positively to animal therapy. Research shows ‘therapy dogs’ can reduce stress physiologically (cortisol levels) and increase attachment responses that trigger oxytocin – a hormone that increases trust in humans.

If you see Euki round about please ensure to ask her humans if it is ok to engage with her – there are times when she is outside for play time and other times she is outside for training and therapy time.