Newsletter - Term 4, Week 8

BVPS Valley View Friday 27th November 2020

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.


Principals Message

Hello everyone and welcome to another week in our fabulous school!

It never ceases to amaze me the dedication shown to our students by all our staff on a day-to-day basis. Our teachers are writing reports at the moment whilst maintaining the teaching and learning programs for our students. We are all committed to making the end of this year as productive and enjoyable as possible. Many of the planned activities for our students will provide experiences where they are connecting with one another and their teachers in a very focused and considered manner.

The relationships that are formed at school provide a sense of belonging and safety for each student. It is these relationships that form the basis of successful learning. We know that throughout remote learning these relationships were different and now that we have returned to school, we continue to appreciate the time we are together face to face. Our students are happy to be with us and we are happy that they are experiencing a tranquil and purposeful term of learning.



A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL THE 43 FAMILIES THAT COMPLETED THE SURVEY. We appreciate your feedback telling us exactly what you think about your school. I am thrilled to see that your opinion of us is positive and supportive of all that we do with our students.

I would like to share some of these results with you before the end of the school year. Stay tuned for more information about what you told us about Broadmeadows Valley Primary School!!



I know that you will agree with me saying that the student’s safety outside of the school grounds should be a key priority for all us.It is disappointing to see how the safety of our students and other members of the community is jeopardised by the behaviours of some parents when in control of a vehicle. Parking around the school is challenging to find when we want it the most, but that does not mean that we can park wherever we want and not abide by the road traffic laws.

Please be mindful of the road rules and where you can park safely. I have informed the council and the local police of this dangerous behaviour and have requested that they continue to support us to keep the roads around our school as safe as possible.

Thank you to the parents who maintain this concern and have shared it with us.



As we continue to prepare for the 2021 school year, we begin to consider the placements of our students in their new homegroups. Teachers are also eagerly awaiting their placements and looking forward to the announcement of the new teams. It’s a very exciting time of the year and we know that we have the best teachers working with our students and families and that together we make a difference to the lives of these children every day.


Take care, enjoy the normal things that life now returns to us.




UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - Covid 19 Restrictions

The Department of Education and Training have updated their guidelines in schools in regard to Covid 19. The updated guidelines will have the following implications at Broadmeadows Valley Primary School.


Commencing Monday 30th November:

  • Parents/carers will be welcomed back on to the school premises. Please note this will not include access to the Learning Neighbourhoods.
  • We are wanting to continue to promote the independence of our students to walk into the Learning Neighbourhoods, carrying their own bags and organising their possessions prior to 9am.
  • All students will be dismissed at 3.15pm.
  • Reminding all parents that our teaching staff are not on duty supervising students until 8.45am.
  • Drinking taps will be operational again.
  • No food items are to be shared including party bags, birthday cakes, candy canes etc.
  • School assemblies are unable to be conducted for the remainder of 2020.

The support of parents/carers throughout this year in regard to the numerous restrictions has been greatly appreciated. As a community we have successfully collaborated to ensure our key focus was on the safety, wellbeing and education of our students. Thank you.


2021 Prep Enrolment


If you have a child who is to start Prep at Broadmeadows Valley in 2021, we would appreciate you enrolling them ASAP. Please make all enquiries via the school office by calling 93094066. Prep Transition has already started, so it is important that your child is enrolled ASAP so you don't miss out!


Grade 1/2 News


LN1 students are now on the home stretch and are continuing to work hard for the rest of Term 4. Recently the Grade 1/2 students celebrated the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through NAIDOC week. The students engaged in creative learning experiences such as a flag decoration activity which has been displayed throughout the Neighborhood.


Just a reminder that it is important to download and connect to our SeeSaw app. We would love to share our learning experiences with all of you! Please ask Ms Belinda, Ms Jen or Mr Jordan if you need any help in connecting to SeeSaw.

For our grade 2 students who will be leaving LN1 to move on to LN2, we will be having a special Grade 2 Celebration Day. This will be held of Friday 4th December and they have the opportunity to come in free dress! The day will be in celebration of their time in LN1 and they will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of teamwork-based activities and even a special movie and pizza lunch!


Jordan, Belinda, Jen & Jamielee


Grade 5/6 News


It is a busy time of year for all LN3 students and teachers. Everyone is continuing to enjoy being onsite and being able to learn together in the LN3 space. We have all been working hard and have been determined to make the most of our time together. Time is going so fast this term!


In Week 6 we started our Physical Science Enrichment unit. Students are exploring the different forms of energy which are light, sound, electricity, mechanical and thermal. Students are adding new learning to their science journal and are excited to increase their understanding of each energy form.



In Maths we are focusing on measuring the volume and capacity of shapes. We are also conducting chance experiments where students decide if the different results are impossible, likely, unlikely or definitely going to happen.


Over the last few weeks teachers have been testing all students on their reading and maths skills. Teachers are keen to see how much students have improved this year and to then decide what the next step is in each student’s learning.


The grade 6 students are getting ready for their Graduation which is on Wednesday 16th December.  Our yearbook is ready and contains wonderful photos of students in their friendship groups and also photos of each student when they were younger. The students have chosen a song to sing and they are busy learning the words. Each student has also written a short speech and they have been asked to practise it at home. Teachers are going to send out information to parents about graduation at the beginning of next week.



The Grade 6 Orientation day is on Tuesday 8th December. This is a day where grade 6 students go to their secondary school for the day and meet next year’s teachers and classmates. Parents or carers of Grade 6 students who are going to Hume Central Secondary College should receive a letter about Orientation Day in the next few days.


This week the LN3 teachers were asked to choose a few stories that students had written to share in our meeting. We were so impressed by how creative our students are and thought we would share the highlights with you.  



Tyrell - Have you ever broken something? Like this one time I went to a family’s house and we were playing with a ball inside the house. It broke a vase. “Lucky my mum was not there,” I said. Little did I know that my mum had gotten a call.


Saber - I was just getting ready for the night ahead of me when it hit me. It was my older brother’s birthday! His name is Alan but he loves all the way in London. While we are doing Trick or Treating Alan would be away at university. I don’t think he will be said about not Trick or Treating, after all, he is 26.


Ibrahim - I go to watch the TV but then the powers went out. Its blacker than black. The TV turns off too. I try to find the light and SMASH! Something fell on the ground. The power comes back on and I see what fell. IT was mum’s favourite pot.


Naari - We slowly crept around the street and made it to the haunted house. I was shaking like an earthquake. The front door slowly opened as withered plants faded. The door was wide open. I saw a man, then he vanished. Suddenly I could feel a cold, dark breath of death slither down my spine……


Apollo - Have you ever been grounded for breaking something you didn’t break? Well let me explain wat really happened. But first let me introduce myself. My name is Tilbert and I’m 9 years old, and I love playing soccer with my friends at lunch.


April - Ari, Henry and McKenzie moved closer to work out what the strange figure was. But all they saw was BLACK. The black, strange figure was (at least what Ari thought) a man. In the shape of a man at least. 


Violet - It quickly turned from calm to chaotic in the family living room; as they found a wiggly bottom poking out of a tipped over vase. It was the dog.


Isabelle, Wendy, Jason & Sharon


PE News

In PE we have been continuing to build our skills, teamwork and collaboration in the PE learning space.


Students in Learning Neighbourhood 1 have been playing fun games that have a focus on moving in different ways and identifying the directions we can move our bodies, we have been moving over, under, around, and on top of a range of equipment and obstacles. Students in Foundation were given the opportunity to collaborate and create their own obstacle course, students explained and demonstrated their course and everyone was able to have a try at others creations. I definitely saw lots of Pablo hats on in this space. To finish off the term we will be learning and developing our Fundamental Movement Skill the catch and overarm throw. We will be learning to catch with our hands and use our eyes to track the object being thrown. Students will have the opportunity to catch a wide range of objects including beanbags, scarves, tennis balls and other exciting things in our space.



Students in Learning Neighbourhood 2 have been developing their Fundamental Movement Skill of the kick, we have learnt how to successfully kick and control a ball that is on the ground. We learnt skills that we could transfer into minor soccer style games and learnt key aspects of attacking and defending and how it is important in games. To finish of the year we will be introducing a new sport called badminton, students will have the opportunity to develop their FMS of the forehand strike through the sports of badminton and tennis.




In Learning Neighbourhood 3 we have also been working towards mastering the kick through game sense style lessons. Game sense or Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) is a teaching style that is all about learning the skills needed to be successful in games through game play and developing tactical awareness such as attacking, defending, creating space, moving into free space, calling for the ball, maintaining possession and gaining possession whilst also creating scoring opportunities. Similar to LN2 we will be moving towards badminton and tennis but learning about different strategies that we can use that will benefit us in net and wall games.



Ash Macarthur - PE Teacher


Art News

Hello everyone! During these last few weeks we have been having so much fun in Art! The weather was nice too, so we really enjoyed working outside.


In Learning Neighbourhood 1, students have been learning about the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  We have learned about her life and talked about her self-portraits. Every student was really inspired by Frida and her story and they have created very colourful artworks using watercolour paints. Students also learned about textures. We explored different natural materials that we collected outside and created two collaborative pieces of art. It was so much fun!



In Learning Neighbourhood 2, students have been learning about an Australian artist called Jeannie Baker. They have explored some of her picture books and we have talked about how this artist creates collages to illustrate her books. At the moment, students are working in small groups to create their own collage. We are using a wide range of materials, from natural materials that we are collecting outside to materials we already have in the art room, such as fabric or wool. According to the students, this is one of the most enjoyable projects we have done so far!



In Learning Neighbourhood 3, students have been learning about portraits. They have learned how to draw a portrait using face proportions. Then everyone had a go at trying to draw a portrait. It was fun to see some of the results! While grade 5 students are finalising their pieces, grade 6’s are getting their self-portraits ready. They are learning how to create them from a printed photo of themselves. At the moment, students are deciding about the colours and materials they want to use and how they want to decorate the background. Lots of very interesting conversations and peer feedback are happening! I can’t wait to see the results!



Thanks from the outdoor art room,

Ms. Marina - Art Teacher


Community News
  • Wednesday Walk and Talk!

    Join other parents from our school community for some exercise, fresh air and company. Every Wednesday 9.00am. Meet outside the school on Dimboola Rd (across from the leisure centre). All welcome!

  • Calling all babies and pre-school children… Come sing and play with our Valley Kids Playgroup! We meet online on Zoom on Tuesday mornings 9.15-10.15am.
  • Arabic, Somali and Samoan speakers online catch ups coming soon. Join the WhatsApp groups for details.

We are doing all of these things online now! Would you like to join any of our activities? Please phone Kirsten at the school office for more information.


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