Newsletter - Term 4, Week 4

BVPS Valley View Friday 30th October 2020

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.


Principals Message

Hello everyone,

It is difficult to believe that only two weeks have passed since our students returned to school. It feels as though they have never been away. There is so much enthusiasm, fun and energy throughout the school—you can’t help but feel excited about what’s ahead for the rest of the term.


In the learning spaces students have transitioned beautifully back to school; smiling, laughing and learning with their friends. Teachers are assessing where students are at in their learning, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy, and are providing any necessary support. This assessment will provide current information about every student, it will be used this term and will be considered for early in term 1 2021.It will provide us with valuable information about how best to plan and develop the appropriate learning for all our students.



We appreciate the support of the COVID safe arrangements that we have implemented. The dropping off of students at the school gates from 8:40am has worked well, and we acknowledge families leaving the area straight after drop off and pick-up. Teachers are welcoming the students into the Learning Neighbourhoods and supporting them to get ready for learning.

Thank you to all the families whose children are ready for learning at This is the beginning of the school day and it ensures that they are a part of Circle Time with their peers and teacher.

A very important part of the day! We expect everyone to be on time. Every minute counts!!



Grass pollen season occurs between October and December.  A reminder of an increased risk of seasonal asthma, hay fever and epidemic thunderstorm asthma during this time.

More than ever before, it is important for staff and students to manage any hay fever or asthma symptoms, as these conditions can produce symptoms that are similar to coronavirus (COVID-19) such as runny nose, cough or shortness of breath.



At this time every year teachers spend a considerable amount of time writing reports for our families and students. It is a responsibility that is taken very seriously that provides you with the most relevant and up to date information about what your child is learning and how they are progressing with their learning. We have revised our reporting format and have appreciated the feedback that has informed the way in which we now report student learning.



Monday 2nd November                                         Tuesday 3rd November




Most of the devices have been returned in great condition and we can see how well they have been respected and taken care of.

We thank our families for the care and support you have provided your children in the correct use of these devices.

There are only a few devices yet to be returned. If you still have a computer or iPad that belongs to the school, we encourage you to return ASAP. I am happy to support their return by coming to collect them from the home. Please let me know if you are requiring this support.



If your contact details have changed, you have a new phone and number, changed address….

PLEASE LET US KNOW. As a school we MUST have your ACCURATE contact details so that we are able to speak with you not only in an emergency but for other reasons too.


As we begin to enjoy the sunshine that Spring brings, and the easing of restrictions I wish you all a very relaxing and happy long weekend and look forward to welcoming every student back to school on Wednesday 4th November.


Kind regards



Parent Opinion Survey


Each year the Department of Education surveys parents and uses the results to direct future school planning and improvement. This year, all parents are invited to participate. We encourage you to take the survey—your opinions are important and will contribute to the future management and organisation of Broadmeadows Valley Primary School.

  • Go to:
  • Select Broadmeadows Valley Primary School
  • When complete, please click on the tick button at the end of the survey to submit your answers.

Email us a screen shot of the completed survey to and we will include you in the raffle to win 1 of 5 hampers.


World Teachers' Day


World Teachers' Day is a chance to recognise and celebrate the incredible contributions our teachers have made to our community.


We have some of the most committed and caring teachers working with your children. They are dearly loved and valued by the students and by our parent community. Highly skilled and always wanting to improve their practice so student achievement improves continually.


Reach out to our teachers and tell them how much you appreciate what they do every day.




Walking School Bus


We are so excited to announce that there is a walking school bus departing daily from the roundabout on Gum Close at 8:35am each school day. This is being ‘driven’ by workers from the Banksia Gardens Community Services as an initiative to support BVPS students getting to school safely.  The service is free but we do ask that if you would like your child to participate that you and your child complete a Walking School Bus Pledge Form. These are available to download here, or from the school office or from Banksia Gardens. Let’s all get behind this great intiative!


2021 Prep Enrolment


If you have a child who is to start Prep at Broadmeadows Valley in 2021, we would appreciate you enrolling them ASAP. Please make all enquiries via the school office by calling 93094066. Prep Transition will be happening differently this year, so it is important that your child is enrolled ASAP so you don't miss out!


Grade 1/2 News


LN1 are extremely excited to be back at school and have hit the ground running for the final term of 2020. We have continued showing the same level of effort we had whilst learning from home and teachers can feel the enthusiasm students have about being back with their friends.

This term we have begun a new Enrichment topic, which we are thoroughly enjoying. Focusing on Science and how materials change. Students have loved completing science experiments and even eating the science experiments! We are learning if things can change back once they have been changed. These experiments have guided our writing, where we are writing procedures based on the experiments completed. Science is fun!

For the beginning of term during numeracy lessons, grade ½ students have been focusing on multiplication. Students have had fun exploring arrays, groups and repeated addition strategies. Who knew learning multiplication could be so fun! Next week, we will be learning about division.


A gentle reminder that term 4 is a hat term. Please ensure your child has a hat, otherwise they will need to play under the designated shade areas. It is excellent to see so many healthy, delicious filled lunchboxes.

Miss Jen, Mr Jordan and Miss Belinda are extremely proud of all LN1 students and excited about events coming this term. Such as the special grade 2 day, in replacement of the grade 2 sleepover.


Belinda, Jen, Jordan & Jamielee


Grade 5/6 News


It has been a great few weeks back in LN3 with our students all very happy to be settling back into school and we have certainly been busy! A reminder that the Grade 5 students need to return an expression of interest to buy the Grade 6 jacket. These need to be in as soon as possible, as we will be ordering them shortly.


We have continued our usual routines, with just a few changes to make sure our learning space is safe for everyone. The students have continued to follow the new guidelines to wash and sanitise their hands regularly throughout the day, and we are making sure doors and windows are open so the rooms are well ventilated.


This term in Literacy we have been studying Chemistry, focusing on Matter. The students have been exploring three of the states of matter – solids, liquids and gases. Students are enthusiastically conducting experiments to explore the properties of these states and then writing Science Reports to share their findings.  


In Maths this term we are focusing on money and are learning how to use financial plans. The students have had the opportunity to work out percentages of an amount of money and find the best discounts for their purchases.


We have also continued doing our Movement Hour on a Friday morning. The students are participating in Yoga/Movement or Fitness classes and have been enjoying being outdoors in this beautiful weather. With seven weeks left of school, we are looking forward to making the most of our time with all our wonderful students for the rest of the year.


Wendy, Isabelle, Jason & Sharon


PE News

We are so excited to be back in the PE space this term, we have been busy working on re connecting with our peers through fun and collaborative games while also developing our locomotor and fundamental movement skills. This term, due to the new guidelines we will be having PE outside for Term 4, this gives us the chance to learn and move in a different environment. With this being said, please make sure your child has a hat, water bottle and even sunscreen when it is hot and sunny.


In Learning Neighbourhood 1 we have been continuing to develop our locomotor and fundamental movement skills, follow teacher instructions and respond to different stop and start cues. Some of our favourite games to play have been “What’s the time Mr Mac?” fruit salad and octopus.



In Learning Neighbourhood 2 we have been learning to perform our fundamental movement skills with a link to various sports. This focus has been around ball bouncing and the sports it is related to such as basketball.



In Learning Neighbourhood 3 our learning has been around refining our fundamental movement skills whilst learning movement concepts and strategies through the game sense teaching model. We have been learning what invasion games are and the strategies we can use to be successful in these games such as creating space, looking for the right scoring opportunities and attacking/defending.



Mr Mac


Art News

It has been a great start to the term in art. Everyone is really excited and happy to be back!


During these first few weeks of term four, the weather has been kind to us, so we have been able to enjoy our beautiful school grounds. We’ve moved the art room outside! Students have been able to create their artworks while enjoying our wonderful outdoor environment.


In Learning Neighbourhood 1, we have focused on connecting again with each other, while we have fun creating our artworks. We have been exploring the colourful illustrations from a book called Friends. Students have been really busy creating their own monsters! They used watercolour paints, oil pastels and chalk. Check out the beautiful photos and pick up your favourite friendly monster!



In Learning Neighbourhood 2, students have been learning how to create their name using graffiti letters. They are now experts in doing bubble writing! We also have had lots of fun painting outside with watercolours. Students were free to paint anything that they could see. Please have a look at the photos and see if you can guess what they were looking at.




In Learning Neighbourhood 3, students have been learning about mosaics. They have been exploring different ideas to design their own mosaic! It has been wonderful to be able to work outside, while everyone was busy selecting the right stone or the perfect tile to complete their design. Their mosaics are coming out beautifully. We hope you like them!




Thanks from the outdoor art room,

Ms. Marina





Community News

We are still not able to have adult carers onsite at school but there are lots of other ways we can stay connected, share and learn together!

  • Join other BVPS parents for a (socially distanced) walk around the local area. Meet at the Dimboola Rd gate at 9.15am Wednesday morning.
  • Calling all babies and pre-school children… Come sing and play with our Valley Kids Playgroup! We meet online on Zoom on Tuesday mornings 9.15-10.15am.
  • Arabic, Somali and Samoan speakers online catch ups coming soon. Join the WhatsApp groups for details.

We are doing all of these things online now! Would you like to join any of our activities? Please phone Kirsten at the school office for more information.


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