Newsletter - Term 4, Week 2

BVPS Valley View Friday 16th October 2020

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.


Principals Message


Hello everyone,


To say that it has been fantastic to welcome our students back to on site learning would be an understatement.


The learning neighbourhoods have been full of excited and happy students, exuding with enthusiasm to engage in their learning and reconnect with their friends and teachers. It has been an extremely calm beginning and it is clear that all students have been ready for learning as soon as they enter the spaces.


Well done to all of our parents who have maintained the expectations for learning at this time. We know it hasn’t been easy, we know about your efforts and we certainly continue to be grateful for your ongoing support of our work and for your children.


We are committed to providing our students with one of the best Term 4 learning experiences of all time. We are currently discussing and planning for milestone events to happen in a different way.

Transition to school and from primary school to secondary school will be different but it will take place and we are planning for this to be as effective and enjoyable as possible.


Our end of year BVPS Celebration Festival will not go ahead and we are disappointed but know that it will be back in 2021 bigger and better than ever.


Term 4 will see us focusing our work and resources on what is important at this time:

  • Continuing to care for the students and making sure that they are happy returning to school and ready for learning everyday that they are here
  • Continuing to care for our teachers and staff
  • Continuing to focus on the achievement of every student
  • Continuing to offer further support for those students that need it

The Social Story indicated that some things would stay the same and that some things would change in Term 4.


SOCIAL DISTANCING is one thing that we need to continue to do.

Please make sure that you are maintaining your distance from other adults whilst picking up your children from school.

We have noticed that many parents are not doing this and encourage you to be mindful of this requirement.


WEARING OF MASKS is another thing that we need to continue to do. Please wear your mask correctly when out and in contact with other people.


In order to maintain our student’s safety throughout this time, the CANTEEN will remain unavailable for our students. Education Department guidelines stipulate that we must ensure that we minimise the interaction between different groups of students at this time. The CANTEEN proves to be a challenge because it is on the secondary school site.


Thank you to all of the parents and families that have returned their devices and have adhered to the appointment times.

Most of the devices have been in excellent condition and we thank you again for ensuring that they were well looked after by your children.


On behalf of our school I would like to thank you all again for your continued resilience and support of all of us throughout this year. I know remote learning hasn’t always been easy, but through our collective efforts we have managed to remain connected and committed to learning.


I am hoping that Sunday’s announcement from the Premier will give us all some relief from our lock down whilst maintaining everyone’s safety and wellbeing.


Kind regards,



A message from Mrs Indra Mahoney


Dear Broadmeadows Valley Primary School Family,

As I take leave from my position at Broadmeadows Valley Primary School and my career in Education, I would like to extend a fond farewell to all the students, staff and families I have had the privilege to work with and get to know during my time at this committed, caring, unique and amazing school.

I will miss you all very much and wish everyone much health, happiness and success always.

Indra Mahoney (Education Support Officer and former teacher)





To any parents that have not applied for CSEF 2020 and have a valid Health Care Card we can now put in a late application for you. Please contact the office ASAP. Thank you.


2021 Prep Enrolment


If you have a child who is to start Prep at Broadmeadows Valley in 2021, we would appreciate you enrolling them ASAP. Please make all enquiries via the school office by calling 93094066.


Foundation News


Welcome back to onsite learning for Term 4. We are so thrilled to have our students back into the neighbourhood with smiling faces. It has been extremely evident how excited they are to be back through their interactions with their teachers and each other. They have smoothly settled back into the school routine by reconnecting with their peers, completing engaging tasks and demonstrating their knowledge of our school values. This week we have enjoyed eating our lunch outdoors, playing ‘Fruit Salad’ on the basketball courts, learning more about our BVPS Learning Monster Gus and Gert (Collaboration) where students identified and displayed great teamwork. 

We are our so proud of the confidence brought to school by our students, particularly during writing sessions. This week we have been learning about the digraph ‘sh’ and the sound it makes (shell, fish, shark) and all students eagerly had a go at writing sentences including ‘sh’ words they have learned about this week.

We look forward to what the rest of this term brings to LN1.




Laurena, Sarah & Jamielee


LN2 News


It has been a fantastic return to school for LN2 students this week! It is so good to have everyone back together for Term 4 and we are excited about sinking our teeth into some exciting learning.


In Literacy this term we are exploring the geography of the Southern Hemisphere and looking at Australia’s neighbours. We are investigating the way in which a country’s environment affects its people and wildlife, considering the similarities and differences Australia has with South America and Africa. We are also the use of persuasive language in advertising. Students will be creating a persuasive text using Google Slides, to showcase and encourage people to visit a country of their choosing.


In Maths students are exploring a range of topics this term. We are currently looking at the language of chance and probability and this week have been sorting and ordering events by how likely or unlikely they are to occur. For example, it is unlikely that Mr Nick will win Tattslotto next week. Students have also started studying maps during our geography unit, and working with the language of location. We will also explore financial maths and practise calculating correct change, and do some further study of Time and the relationships between hours, minutes and seconds. What a jam-packed term of Maths!


It has been so lovely to see all the students in person again and the teachers are amazed at how much everyone has grown. We are very proud of our LN2 students and the resilience they have shown this year.



Cyndi, Nick, Sharni & Aimee


Kitchen Garden News

It is spring time in the garden and everything is coming to life. There are a lot of beautiful and colourful flowers blooming in the garden beds. We have been doing a lot of watering of our new seedlings and fertilizing them with our homemade 'worm tea' from our worm farm. We have just planted a crop of tomatoes, capsicum, pumpkin, corn and lots of different herbs for our cooking. Our biggest job this week has been pulling out all of the weeds that have been growing over the holidays as well as keeping the snails and slugs away from our lettuce patch!


In the kitchen, Learning Neighbourhood 2 had a fantastic first week back in the kitchen. Students have been learning new cooking skills like kneading dough and rolling it out to make flat breads. Students used a food processor to make hummus dip to eat with the flat bread. Fresh parsley and mint were harvested from the garden and chopped very finely to make tabouli. The students really enjoyed cooking and tasting their own creations.


Miss Amy


Music News

Welcome back everyone! I am so impressed by what students have been able to do during their remote learning, showing off their drumming skills, using apps and technology to make music, and sharing their thoughts on how music makes us think. It was awesome to see people trying out new things, sharing their ideas and having some fun while they did it! It’s great to now be back in the same space after remote learning, where we can do all the things we’ve missed during Term Three. We will still be using technology and building on the skills we’ve learned, but we will also be working on our practical skills too. I hope everyone is looking forward to having a great Term Four!




Mr Gareth


Digi Tech News


Hello everyone, It has been amazing to see all the hard work that everyone has put in during lockdown and the start of term 4. 



In LN1 our preps have been creating programs using Scratch Jr. They have made their own programs with characters that talk, jump, hide, dance and swim. They have been practicing using trigger and move blocks to get their characters to move.



Grade 1 and 2 students have been learning how to create code and be safe online. They have done so by working through lessons on These lessons teach Internet safety and basic computer coding. They have created code to help characters move around the screen and collect items like acorns and diamonds.





Grades 3 and 4 students have continued to improve their typing skills. They have learnt to identify different types of technology and operating systems (Apple iOS, Windows or Android) They then learnt how to be safer online by completing an online digital safety program.





Our grade 5 and 6 students have been practicing their coding skills. They have learnt about choosing safe screen names and passwords. They have been programming on and Scratch. Their work has been amazing. In the images below you will see some of the games and programs they have made. They have created code to move characters on the screen and through different levels.



Mr Liam


Community News

Welcome back to school days! We are still not able to have our adult learning classes return onsite at school but there are lots of other ways we can stay connected, share and learn together.

  • Practice your English conversation skills at one of our adult English classes
  • Join our playgroup activities for preschool children
  • Share a virtual ‘cuppa and chat’ session with other parents/carers
  • Connect with other families who speak you home language
  • Learn some new skills at online workshops
  • Share your ideas of other activities for parents/carers in our school community

We are doing all of these things online now! Would you like to join any of our activities? Please phone Kirsten at the school office for more information.


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