Newsletter - Term 3, Week 6 - 2020

BVPS Valley View Wednesday 19th August 2020

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.


Principals Message

Hello everyone and welcome to another week in remote learning.


While the news that Melbourne was entering Stage 4 restrictions was not unexpected, it has certainly been more difficult for most of us this time around. We now know that remote and flexible learning will continue until the end of the term and with this a sense of disappointment and frustration that we will not be back on site until term 4.


We will continue to provide our students with a high quality and engaging learning program that not only focuses on their academic needs but equally important, wellbeing and connection needs. Teachers are maintaining high expectations in order to progress the learning for all of their students. You can support the teachers by providing a daily structure and routine for your children.


We continue to encourage you to remain connected with our teachers and for your children to connect daily via either SEESAW or Google Classroom.


There is no doubt that we are all experiencing good days and bad days. When it’s not going so well, take a break, it will give you and your children the opportunity to move away from whatever it is you are doing and change the thinking for a period of time. It’s a healthy and effective strategy that you can use to refresh when you need to (and it doesn’t cost a thing!).

Having optimism in these situations means that even on bad days, you can still persist, create, contribute and succeed. Don’t give up, push through and you’ll get there in the end.


I know that many of you are talking with our teachers about these sorts of things. It’s important to keep talking to each other and if there is anything, we can do to help you, please reach out to us. We are willing and able to help.

I thank you for continuing to support us to support your children with their learning from home.


Principals Day

Lisa and I enjoyed our day last Friday being thanked by many of our teachers and students for the work that we do to ensure BVPS continues to be an awesome place to learn. We did welcome the messages of appreciation given by staff and students and the flowers continue to be healthy and enjoyed by both of us.


Wellbeing During Stage 4 Restrictions

Practising mindfulness to promote positive mental wellbeing


Practising mindfulness is a great way to promote positive wellbeing. Mediation and breathing exercises can help calm your mind and reduce anxiety.

SMILING MIND has developed a list of healthy brain breaks that we can practice as a way of reducing stress:


  • MOVE: any kind of physical movement is a great way to clear your mind and release excess energy
  • BREATHE: slowing down your breathing rate can help reduce feelings of fear and anxiety
  • GROUND: connect with what is happening at present to engage your senses
  • CONNECT: keep connected via phone, social media, emails or Facetime, Skype
  • CONTRIBUTE: consider how might help others
  • CREATE HEALTHY HABITS: mindfulness can help us create healthy habits

For Mindfulness and Meditation resources, check out HEADSPACE

This information has been sourced from SMILING MIND and HEADSPACE


We CAN and will get through this time. Take care for now.




Changes to Family Communication

Based on feedback from teachers and families, we have again changed the way and frequency we will be making contact with families. Attendance will continue be based on your child/ren logging into Seesaw (LN1 & LN2) or Google Classroom (LN3) by 11am each day. If by 11am they have not logged in, your family will then receive a phone call.


In addition, homegroup teachers will now make contact with each family once a week to check in with how you are going. If you have multiple children these calls will be shared out between your children’s teachers so that your family only receives 1 calls per week. If you need a call from a specific child's teacher about a specific issue, or would like to organise more frequent calls for your family, please send a message through Seesaw and that teacher will organise a time to call you. 


We look forward to continuing to support your child/ren’s learning even though we can’t be physically together during this challenging time.


Seesaw Parent Account
BVPS teachers have been using Seesaw to send important messages during home learning. It also allows you to view your children's work on Seesaw, and allows you to send messages to your child's teacher(s) regarding their learning, attendance or requesting a phone call.
You can use Seesaw on a computer, or download the Seesaw app on both Android and Apple phones. 
You will need a parent code (different to the student login code) from your child/ren's homegroup teacher(s). If you haven't received this invite via text message, please as your child's homegroup teacher to send it to you.
Ms Sharon has also created a simple video showing you how to sign up for Seesaw as a parent. You can view it here -


2021 Prep Enrolment
If you have a child who is ready to start school at BVPS next year, please call the school office to indicate that you would like to proceed with an enrolment.
Parent Report Survey

We are collecting parent feedback on our semester one student reports. You will receive a link on Seesaw to complete a short 4 question survey. If you have any questions please ask your child’s homegroup teacher.


LN1 News

A highlight of our day is listening to students respond to our morning check in questions. We love hearing the creative responses from students and it brings a smile to our faces when we hear the students’ voices. The teachers value the morning check in as it not only allows them to connect with the students and but gives us the opportunity to learn more about them. Some of our recent check in questions and responses have been:


What is your favourite book?

Ryka - The Gingerbread man

Junior - Harry Potter

Ahlaam - Little red riding hood

Elizabeth - Dog man

Talalelei - Weirdo 7

Lujain - Hungry caterpillar


What is your favourite African Animal?

Diya - “My favourite animal is a giraffe because they are tall”

Izach - “My favourite animal is a cheetah”

Saniya - “My favourite animal is a giraffe because I like the pattern”

Haleema - “My favourite African Animal is an elephant because they are so big and strong and so beautiful”

Nilabh - “My favourite animal is a cheetah because they can run so fast and jump very high”

Aya - “My favourite African animal is a lion”


When you grow up, what job do you want to do?

Marita - “When I am big I want to be a teacher”

Mirudhula - “Doctor”

Tiana - “When I grow up I am going to be a Teacher.”

Runnessa - “I want to be a good doctor.” 

Aiza - “I like to be a teacher when I grow up.”

Raghad - “Teacher”

Chase - “Ninja”

Dinoni - “Nurse”

Simohamed - “I want be a firefighter.”

Logan - “I want to be an author.”

Sabella - “When I want to grow up I want to be a teacher and a gardener.”

Makayla - “I want to be a teacher.”

Jibril - “When I grow up I want to be a doctor.”

Omar A - “When I grow up I am going to be a police officer.”


What is your favourite thing to do at home?

My favourite thing do to at home is:

Play with my sisters and cuddle them

I like to juggle

Play with my LOLs

Watch TV

Doing puzzles

To play with my family


Play Pokemon Go

Play with my sisters outside and watch TV

Play on my iPad

Watch Spongebob

Play at my house

Is spend time with my family playing basketball at the park



Learner of the Week

The LN1 teachers have been finding it hard to choose a Learner of the Week because so many of our students have been showing lots of effort when completing learning tasks on Seesaw.

Our Learners of the Week for last week are:

0A- Jeremiah for showing the qualities of Djinda

0B- Manha for showing the qualities of Djinda

12A- Jackson for showing the qualities of Djinda

12B- Myrah for showing the qualities of Pablo


Reading Eggs Reading Challenge

The grade 1/2 students are currently participating in a Reading Eggs reading challenge. The student who reads the most books on Reading Eggs this term will receive a prize when we return to school. There will be a winner from each home group, so make sure you start reading!


We have been showing our creativity like Pablo while learning from home.



Laurena, Sarah, Jordan, Jen, Belinda & Jamielee


LN2 News

We are really enjoying hearing from all LN2 students over Seesaw and are so happy and proud that a majority of students are logging in and completing their work every day! We love hearing your voices leaving us messages and seeing your faces in videos and photos.


Students in LN2 have been very creative at home when working on our Enrichment topics. For the last few weeks we learnt about physical science and it was so great to see the creativity of students using what they have at home to do their own experiments involving magnets, rolling objects across different surfaces and even creating their own chain reaction. Continuing on from that we are now starting chemical science, and it has been great this week to see students timing how long it takes to melt different solids (like ice, chocolate, butter and ice cream) using different heat sources.


The teachers are really missing being at school with you, however we are making the most of being at home. To keep busy when we aren't working we are all trying to do some exercise every day by going for a walk. Mr Nick is enjoying walking his dog Shirley and has been doing some watercolour painting at home. Miss Aimee has been busy learning to play piano and playing with her cat. Miss Sharni is excitedly awaiting the arrival of her new puppy that she is adopting. Miss Cyndi hasn't gained a pet, but she has been enjoying walking in her neighbourhood and has taught herself how to make delicious jam!


Student Spotlight

Our spotlight student for this week is Orshina from 3/4B. Orshina has shown many of our school values during her time in home learning including demonstrating Achievement (Djinda) by trying her best in all tasks and Creativity (Pablo) by being creative in her responses to her Seesaw tasks, including recording little videos of her learning. 


Orshina said that the thing she is enjoying most about home learning is having people at home who are able to help her - her mum helps her with Maths and Specialists, and her older brother helps her with Literacy when he is not working on his high school work. Her favourite home learning tasks have been learning about and experimenting with magnets in Enrichment, drawing lollipops in Art and planting and watching seeds grow in Kitchen Garden. Orshina says that the things she misses most about school are playing with her friends and seeing her teachers. When she is not doing her school work, Orshina is keeping busy at home by playing Minecraft, doing crafts with her mum and "playing with my imagination". Keep up the fantastic work learning at home Orshina - we are very proud of you.



Cyndi, Nick, Sharni & Aimee


LN3 News

We had our very first Google Meet sessions last week where students were able to see and speak to their home group teacher and peers each morning. Teachers and students were excited to see one another again after such a long time apart! Seeing those gorgeous smiles on our student’s faces was the perfect way to start each day.


On Friday we had our first LN3 Google Meet assembly where over 50 students and 4 teachers shared jokes, looked at wonderful examples of learning from different students and talked about important things that are happening in the next few weeks. We also announced our Learners of the Week who were Hannah, April, Zage, Tyrell and Samiu.


This week we are using Google Meet in home groups on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are also trialing our first Maths session on Tuesday at 9:30 and Literacy at 10:45 on Thursday.  In these sessions teachers will be able to demonstrate new skills and explain the tasks to the students. There will also be an opportunity for students to ask questions and get help from their teachers.


The LN3 teachers would like to say a big thank you to the parents for supporting our LN3 students with their learning and for encouraging them to participate in our Google Meet sessions.


Jason, Wendy, Isabelle & Sharon

PE News

This term in PE we have been focusing on swimming and water safety and learning about different water environments, rescue techniques and how to spot dangers in the water. I am so proud of all your efforts in this unit and I have been smiling when I see the wonderful work you have been producing at home, from your photos, videos and drawings this has really shown me that you have put in lots of effort into the learning tasks.

Movement of the week has been a big hit with lots of students completing the weekly activities and posting their results. This is another easy way to build up 30 minutes of physical activity per day whilst at home.


Moving forward with our learning in PE we will be learning about gymnastics and completing some background tasks at home for when we return back to school we can use this learning in class to further extend our knowledge with the use of equipment. The tasks you will be given at home will be fun, engaging and using little to no equipment apart from moving your body!


To keep active while all my sport has been cancelled I have been trying to keep active in many ways possible, one thing I have really been looking forward to is switching off at the end of the day by going for a really long walk in my one hour of exercise. Before I go on my walk I think about one thing I would really love to see while I am out and try to see if I can spot it. I love seeing dogs running around and flowers growing in the gardens in my neighbourhood.


Mr Mac


Kitchen Garden News

Students have been using their gardening skills at home this term by growing a broad bean, sugar snap pea or snow pea in a jar. They have also has a go at reducing their food waste at home by converting their vegetable scraps into whole new vegetables! We have seen spring onions, celery, lettuce and carrot ends slowly developing roots and growing into a new plant. Students have also been getting outdoors and hunting for mini beasts. Ants, caterpillars, worms, slugs, snails, butterflies and lady bugs are just some of the little creatures that learning neighbourhood 2 have found in their gardens at home. 


This week, students will start their project about feeding backyard birds. Over the next five weeks, they will learn about how to safely feed birds and what types of food is OK to leave out for wild birds. They will have the opportunity to design and create a bird feeder for their back yards using everyday items that would otherwise go in the recycling bin.


Miss Amy


Art News

 Hi everyone - I want to congratulate you all for your great job completing the art activities every single week. Some weeks I have been overwhelmed by the amount of responses that students sent me through. A big special shout out for students in LN1!

During this term, students have been working on their drawing skills. Across all the learning neighbourhoods the activities have been designed to keep students engaged during their weekly art session. I also had in mind that at home, students might only have access to materials such as colour pencils and markers. However, the quality of the artwork that some students are sending is impressive and I am very proud of every single piece. Well done!


This is a very strange situation and I know sometimes it is hard to stay positive. I have found that going for a walk every single day after my kids finish their remote learning helps. Of course playing with my new puppy is also keeping me very happy!! Yes, I have a new puppy. If you want to meet my new puppy go into SeeSaw or Google Classroom and you will find my video.

I hope to see you all very soon. Until then, please keep sending me your artwork. It makes me smile every time I see one of your beautiful creations.




Miss you all, Ms. Marina


Music News

Remote learning during Term 3 has been a chance for everyone to get creative and work on their rhythm skills! Students have had the chance to build their own drum to use, and I have seen some fantastic examples over the last few weeks. I’ve also been really impressed by the effort so many people have put into learning their drum parts each week, we have some very talented students in our school community!


Over the next few weeks we’re going to keep building on our drumming skills, and use our creativity to Create some music for a short film. I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy!


Mr Gareth


Home Learning Pages on the BVPS Website - what's new?

We will be updating and including new information for our families in this location. I encourage you to check back soon and have a look and see what’s new!!

These are available on the front page of the website by using the 4 coloured icons.



Take care, look after yourselves and your loved ones.