Newsletter - Term 2, Week 11 2020

BVPS Valley View Monday 22nd June 2020

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.


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Mon 22 - Semester 1 Reports sent home

Thurs 25 - Parent Teacher Interviews (via phone)
Friday 26 - Last Day of Term 2 - 2pm finish3

Mon 13 - Term 3 Begins

School Finishes at 2pm on Friday!


Principal's Message

Hello everyone and welcome to the last week of what has been an incredible term.


As we venture into the term break, I would like to cast the spotlight on our magnificent members of staff who have done an extraordinary job throughout this time.


Yes, it is our job and yes, we get paid for doing what we love to do, however, the time and effort that our staff has put into ensuring your children and our families have been looked after whilst conducting offsite learning has been enormous.

At the forefront of all our planning and actions has been the students and families of our school. Teachers and Educational Support staff personnel going above and beyond what was required of them. There were times when things needed to be done quickly, late at night, over the weekend and at short notice. Lisa and I could not have been supported any better by everyone here at BVPS.


This situation has highlighted for all of us the importance of our teachers and leaders in our schools.  All of us that work in education have been in the spotlight for a considerable amount of time and in a time that has been unprecedented.  We hope that you have been satisfied with the way that we have supported your children and yourselves during this time.


What has it highlighted for you? I’m really interested to hear your thoughts and will send out a link to a survey requesting feedback about our work during the offsite learning period.


We know that our BVPS students are special and that we are very fond of all of them but one of the things that has been highlighted for me is how resilient most of them have been throughout this time. We saw students who continued with their learning and engaging with teachers throughout the whole time. Completing the learning packs, asking for more work, being excited at seeing their teachers via the technology and learning apps. Getting on with it! These same students have returned to school with much enthusiasm that has enabled them to engage with the teachers, their peers and the learning instantly.


There is an air of optimism about them, an ‘I can do anything’ attitude. The last four weeks of learning at BVPS have demonstrated what our students can do when they partner together in the learning with their teachers and when they understand how fortunate they are to be learning in such a beautiful environment.


We have been so very proud of our Learning Neighbourhood 1 students who have been greeted by staff at the gate as they say goodbye to their parents and carers and then walking into the learning spaces by themselves. We have seen these students carry their own bags, unpack their own bags, get themselves ready for learning with minimal support from teachers who aren’t too far away ready to offer assistance if needed.


These students have demonstrated their ability to get themselves ready for learning. My wondering is will you continue to allow them to do this when parents are invited back on site? Why do parents carry their children’s bags? How do you support your child/ren to become more independent and not rely on you to do things for them that they can do for themselves?


I leave you with these wonderings and as always am more than willing to hear your thoughts.

I wish you all a very safe, calm and restful term break.


Kind regards,



Learning Neighbourhood 1

It has been a fabulous return to BVPS for Learning Neighbourhood One. All students have come back calm, excited to learn, play and interact with their friends and teachers. Each class has been working extremely well and are continuing to practise a high level of hygiene. All of our wonderful LN1 students have continued to learn about ‘Living and Non-living Things’ in fun and engaging ways. Some of the topics that have been explored are the differences between living and non-living things, the needs of living things and the life cycles of a range of animals. The 1/2s will also create their diorama habitats this week, whilst the preps have been creating crafty chickens.


We would like to wish you all a relaxing and fun term two break and we look forward to seeing you in term three, healthy and well.


Laurena, Sarah, Jordan, Belinda, Jen & Jamielee - LN1 Team


Learning Neighbourhood 2

Since returning to learning within the walls of our school, Learning Neighbourhood 2 students have settled back into learning with their teachers and peers. They have enjoyed exploring the classroom libraries with recently restocked non-fiction texts, which they have had the chance to read in their own reading for enjoyment time. It has been fantastic to see students talk about some of the amazing people they have learnt about in the “Little People, Big Ideas” series.


In Literacy lessons, students have continued researching Australian Animals. The focus of reading and writing this term has been on non-fiction texts, working towards students writing their own Information Reports. They have been collecting information from different websites and non-fiction texts in order to understand what information they need to include in their own writing. Students have also begun working on using what they have learnt to create dioramas of a habitat of one of the animals they have been researching. We have enjoyed seeing the students get creative when building their habitats.


In Maths, students have had the chance to continue investigating the mathematics concepts of multiplication, which they had started to do when learning from home. Students are working on building on their own strategies, using skip counting and arrays to help them solve different problems.


We look forward to a strong finish to term 2, and hope for a safe a restful holiday break. It has been delightful to have our students back in the space for face-to-face learning! We all really missed them during isolation, and look forward to another term of learning in Term 3.


Cyndi, Nick, Sharni & Aimee - LN2 Team


Learning Neighbourhood 3

It has been a great two weeks back in LN3 with our students and we have certainly been busy!


We quickly settled into our usual routines, with a few changes to make sure our learning space is safe for everyone. The students have embraced the new guidelines to wash and sanitise their hands regularly throughout the day, and we are getting much more familiar with our great cleaning staff who are in and out of the classroom regularly keeping our space clean. Even with these changes the students have been extremely motivated to learn and grow with their teachers and peers every day.

This term in Literacy we have been focusing on biodiversity, which is the study of living things. We have learnt about the threats to biodiversity, the impact of these threats and what we can do to look after our planet. Since returning to school, the students have been working hard to prepare a presentation on their knowledge of biodiversity and will share their learning with their peers as a speech.


In Maths this term we have had a big focus of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and patterns. The students have had the opportunity to become experts in some areas of their learning by taking the time to explain their thinking and share what mistakes they made and how they learnt from them.

Another addition to this term has been our Movement Hour on a Friday morning. The students were given a choice between Dance, Yoga/Movement or Fitness and have been engaging in weekly sessions. The students have been enjoying getting their heart rates up and breaking a sweat to start their day and end their week in a positive way.

We are looking forward to seeing you all back in Term 3.


Isabelle, Jason, Wendy & Sharon - LN3 Team



Young Leaders

It is with great excitement that we announce the Young Leaders group representing BVPS in 2020. In Term 1, the Young Leaders were finalised and a badge presentation was planned. Due to the current events this presentation needed to be postponed. This week, the following students received their badge and certificate from Ms Bianco, Ms Sharni and Mr Mac. The leaders have been working with Ms Sharni and Mr Mac to put together a video to share with families of the presentation and a little speech about what inspired them to become a leader and what their role will be. We look forward to sharing this video with you next term.


School Captains - Rawan & Jai

Vice Captains - Vincent & April

Sports Leaders - Khalid, Sudais, Paige & Naari

Public Relations : Paparazzi - Brodey & Dora

Public Relations : Journalist - Zage & Samiu

Public Relations : Assembly - Sidra, Jullia, Caleb, Ninorta, Apollo & Nadir

Environmental/Garden - Maram, Grace, Maki, Odiel & Mariya

Cultural - Zahra, Asra, Kiana, Chinsu, Kaylani, Alizey, Hasan, Jiesikah, Sua & Alla

ICT - Tiana, Talalelei, Myrah, Khabiira, Stavro, Kumayl, Abdikarim, Lianttu, Ryan, Tyrell, Kyu & Maxx


Digital Technologies

We would like to congratulate Abbey, Jivesh and Ryan on their great efforts in the NCSS Web.Comp. Web.Comp is an international web coding competition where students use HTML and CSS to create web pages. This year there were over 16,000 participants in the competition. Our students did a great job and we are very proud of them all.

Abbey and Jivesh earnt a High Distinction for their work. They both only dropped 1 point the entire time to score a total of 319 out of a possible 320 points. That is a fantastic effort.

Liam O’Grady - Digital Technologies Teacher

School Photos

School Photos were taken on Thursday. It is not too late to order photos before late fees are incurred.

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Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher interviews will be held this Thursday 25th June from 1pm-7:30pm. These interviews will happen via phone. Semester 1 Reports will be sent home today so that you can look over this report before discussing it with your child's homegroup teacher. You will receive a note with your student's report reminding you of your appointment time.



Please remember that only students and teachers are allowed on site to keep everybody safe. Thank you in advance for your support.


Look forward to seeing you soon.