Newsletter - Term 1, Week 9 - 2020

BVPS Valley View Friday 20th March 2020

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.


Upcoming Events   
Fri 27 - Last Day of Term 1
Mon 13 - Easter Monday Public Holiday
Tues 14 - Term 2 Begins



Principal's Message


As Term 1 comes to a close our school community is facing some unique challenges that we have never experienced before. We feel very proud to know that many families have continued sending their students to school each day, trusting that they will be well cared for whilst continuing their learning. We also respect the right of parents who have chosen to keep their children at home. Each family must make the decision that is right for them.

We will continue to remain open as long as we are instructed to do so. We would remind you to keep your child at home if they are unwell and we will ring you to collect your child if they are feeling unwell at school.

Please continue to follow the guidelines outlined in the poster “Reduce Your Risk Of Coronavirus” up on our website and we have added a self-assessment tool which will help you understand what you need to do if you think you have Coronavirus or if you have been in contact with a confirmed case of Coronavirus.


Some of the measures we have taken at school to reduce the risk of spreading Corona -19 are:

  • Teaching and reminding students to wash their hands correctly according to World Health Organisation Standards
  • Teaching and reminding students to sneeze and cough into their elbow or a tissue
  • Refilling and drinking from their own water bottles
  • Learning about social distancing
  • Cancelling all events with large numbers of people


We hope you and your families stay well.  As a community we can look out for each other and if we can offer support to anybody in need we strengthen and support our community.

A reminder that the BVPS Breakfast Club is open each morning from 8.15am and we welcome all students. They just need to sign in, wash their hands and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

With the approach of official school holidays, we wish our families a safe, healthy and happy break. For those of you who celebrate Easter we hope you enjoy this time of the year. For those of you who get a visit from the Easter Bunny, we hope he leaves some delicious Easter eggs.


Lisa Stanford (Assistant Principal)


Foundation News

Wow! It’s almost the end of a fabulous full term. In the last few weeks, we have had many language experiences where all students were able to participate and engage with the learning. The Foundation students had a terrific teddy bear picnic outside with a focus on the letters T and B. During their picnic, they sung nursery rhymes in a big group such as, “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around” and “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar.”  Following this, everyone had fun making connections to their learning by drawing a picture of the activity. All students had another experience relating to our five senses (feel, touch, taste, see and hear) where they had the opportunity to eat, talk and make connections about popcorn.

Both Foundation classes attend Play Based Learning sessions. Students have been engaging in recreational play, such as constructing Lego, playing with cars and trains, arts and crafts, dressing up and role playing. These sessions have allowed students to recognise what fairness and respect looks like when taking turns or playing with the toys and other play equipment in the room.


Jamielee, Laurena & Sarah – Foundation Team

Grade 3/4 News


Learning Neighbourhood 2 students continue to enjoy their learning in 2020. Students have all been given access to Reading Eggs ( - an online platform with hundreds of books and exciting, interactive activities. Students collect ‘eggs’ as they progress through the learning activities, and a bit of healthy competition has arisen as to who has collected the most ‘eggs’! Students have also been busy completing some narrative stories which highlight their knowledge of strategies to deal with negative emotions.


In Maths students are currently completing a unit on Measurement and have been busy using different materials to practise measuring length. Last week, students used some classic Cuisenaire rods to measure and compare lengths. In this photo some students are measuring the length of a table using different sized rods.


Given the current climate BVPS students have all been given a refresher on how to correctly wash their hands. We have been practising correct hand hygiene by regularly washing our hands, and placing displays around the neighbourhood to remind us how to do this. LN2 students are doing a wonderful job!


Aimee, Nick, Cyndi & Sharni - LN2 Team


Specialist News - Kitchen Garden


In the kitchen, Learning Neighbourhood 2 have been focused on reducing our food waste. We have done this by using the whole vegetable instead of peeling off the skins and preparing the correct amount of each ingredient so that there are no left overs. Students have been learning about new ways to chop vegetables. They have been practicing cutting carrots, cucumber and capsicum into matchsticks which they used for making rice paper rolls and sushi rolls.

The students have also had a very busy week in the garden. We have been caring for the chickens and collecting eggs for use in the kitchen. We have further reduced our food waste by feeding the kitchen scraps to the chickens instead of putting them in the bin. We have a new worm farm in the garden this week. The worms will convert our food waste into nutrient rich worm castings and 'worm tea' which we will use as fertilizer in the garden. With the end of the term coming up, we are focusing on weeding the garden beds and preparing the soil for planting at the beginning of term 2.

The students have been having a wonderful time cooking and eating their creations. Any parents who are interested in cooking or gardening are very welcome to join these classes!

Amy Hermans – Specialist Kitchen Garden Teacher


Specialist News - Music

As Term 1 has moved on, students have been using a variety of music programs and apps to create and explore different types of music and its effects on us as listeners.
LN1 students have been exploring how different music makes us feel about things we see and hear, as well as working together to invent cool beats using Incredibox! The characters from Ice Age have been a big help in this!
LN2 students have been independently building their own beats and tunes using Incredibox, then recording these and sharing them with their classmates. I'm very impressed with their creativity and how quickly they were able to learn and use the app.
LN3 students have been composoing their own music using Tonematrix and Chrome Music Lab, creating some great beats, melodies and chord progressions in different styles. I look forward to seeing how their ideas develop in the coming weeks.
I hope everyone is able to have a restful break!

Gareth Taylor – Specialist Music Teacher


Specialist News - Digital Technologies


LN1 - Our grade 1 and 2 students have created great presentations about themselves. They have learnt to search for images and add them into their Keynote presentations. Our preps have been learning to use the colouring paintcan tool in Scratch on the iPad. They have added and coloured in characters.

LN2 - We finished our presentation work by creating a keynote presentation about a topic we love. We are now working on our touch typing skills. We have learnt to put our fingers on the home row when typing and are working through drills to improve our skills.

LN3 - We have been learning more about Google Classroom and how to communicate politely, effectively and respectfully online. We’ve created presentations using Google Slides and submitted our assignments through Google Classroom.

Liam O'Grady – Specialist Digital Technologies Teacher


Any information we receive from the department about COVID-19 will be posted on this page.
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Community News


Celebrating the international women of BVPS! A wonderful night was had by all at the International Women’s Day dinner, hosted by the Community Hubs of Hume. There is so much to celebrate about all the amazing women in our community.



Next term, we look forward to starting our new program ‘Sisters Sharing Skills’. Every Friday morning there will be a different activity, giving the women in our BVPS community the opportunity to connect, share and learn from each other. Some of the workshops already planned include craft, cooking, dancing, self-care, knitting and Zumba. Come along to learn something new or share your skills with others. Contact Kirsten for more information.