Newsletter - Term 1, Week 5 - 2020

BVPS Valley View Monday 24th February 2020

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.


Upcoming Events   
Fri 28th - Interschool Sport vs Dallas Brooks CPS AWAY

Fri 6 - Interschool Sport vs Coolaroo South PS HOME
Fri 27 - Last Day of Term 1
Fri 13 - International Women's Day Dinner
Fri 13 - Interschool Sport vs Meadows PS AWAY
Fri 20 - Interschool Sport vs Ilim College AWAY

Mon 13 - Easter Monday Public Holiday
Tues 14 - Term 2 Begins
No School for Foundation students on Wednesdays in January & February
Wed 26th Feb
Foundation students start full weeks of school in Week 6!


Principal's Message


Hello everyone and welcome to another week in our fabulous school!

How on Earth are we already at week 5! What an outstanding start to the year we have had. I could not have wished for a more enjoyable start. Your children are incredibly polite and welcoming which is a huge credit to the way they are brought up. We thank you for preparing them so well to a new year.


As we approach the middle of Term 1, I feel most proud of our teaching and broader staff in the way they fulfil their roles and have taken on a variety of changes and challenges to continually improve our school.



Thank you to those families who attended our recent Meet and Greet Breakfast. Teachers and families enjoyed meeting with each other and sharing in some breakfast food. This was an informal event that enabled us all to enjoy each other’s company and demonstrate to our students how connected we all are.


Recently I read this excellent article from Dr Michael Grose about building healthy partnerships with your child's teacher which I encourage you to read -


Developing a healthy parent-teacher relationship is a great way to improve your child’s performance in school. 

  • Parent-teacher communication should be focused on the best interests of the child. It is essential to your child’s success in school.
  • Establish a regular means of parent-teacher communication. Whether communicating by phone, email, or in person, be proactive and work with the teacher in order to solve any problems.
  • Another great tip is to send a note of appreciation to your child’s teacher for all that he or she does. Teachers often hear from parents only when there are complaints or conflicts. Acknowledge and inspire teachers with your recognition and support.
  • Finally, create a strong parent-teacher relationship by volunteering. Helping out in the classroom is a great way to support your child’s teacher.



I warmly welcome you to join us on school council, we currently have 2 vacancies on the council.
School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the Principal and school to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.
If you are interested please have this form returned to the office by 4.00pm Friday 6th March 2020.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions regarding council or the nomination process.





Foundation News


It has been a fabulous start to the year in Learning Neighbourhood 1 in the Foundation area. Our Foundation teachers, Sarah and Laurena are enjoying getting to know all of our wonderful new students to Broadmeadows Valley Primary School.

A shout out to all of the parents and carers for your support during school drop off, returning notes in a timely manner, bringing healthy lunches with fruit or vegetables and ensuring your children are changing their readers each Monday. Please leave your child's reader in their bag each day as we will put any notices in there.
We are proud to say that the Foundation students have settled in well with new routines and structures. All students have been engaging in lots of song and nursery rhymes. They are becoming more confident to participate in singing, drama and exploring their creative side through arts and crafts. Some of our favourite songs are: ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs,’ ‘One Grey Elephant’ and ‘Five Little Ducks.’ Feel free to play these at home for your little ones to sing along to. 

Just a friendly reminder that school starts at 9am. If you arrive from 9:10am, please make your way to the office to receive a late pass before entering the Learning Neighbourhood.

We look forwards to continuing getting to know all of our students and their wonderful families. If you have any questions, please come and see us after school or ring the school to make a time to see us.

Sarah & Laurena – Foundation Teachers


Grade 3/4 News


It has been a fantastic start to 2020 in Learning Neighbourhood 2. Students have settled in well with their new homegroup teachers and classmates, and have also been working in literacy groups and numeracy groups for the last few weeks.

Students are enjoying the new format 'Sport' program which has replaced iFit, with every student participating in 2 sessions of physical activity on top of their weekly PE Specialist lesson. So far students have been playing outdoor games to help practise their throwing, catching, jumping and running, as well as participating in some basic dancing, yoga and stretching indoors when the weather isn't favourable for being outside. During the year the Sport activities will change based on student requests. As part of the Sport program students will also be introduced to some of the sports that LN3 compete in for Inter-School Sport -  including tee-ball and volleyball -  to help prepare them for ISS in Grade 5. 

Our students are excited to be working with Ms Amy every week in the new Kitchen Garden program - already they have surprised us with their skills in the kitchen and cooked a delicious Fried Rice. Every student in LN2 will participate in a cooking experience each week, as well as related gardening and literacy activities.

Reading at home is the most important 'homework' that your child can do. You will have noticed your student bringing home a home reading folder each night, with a green book to fill in. Please return this folder to school each morning with your student, as we will also use these to send home notes. Students can read to a parent, sibling, other family member or even themselves, and record what they have read in the book.

Students will also bring home other homework, including handwriting sheets started in class and maths homework given by their numeracy teacher based on their current learning. These homework activities are in response to the large number of students and parents requesting extra practise tasks for home, but are not compulsory! Other things that are also important 'homework' are outside play, cooking, helping with family tasks like cleaning and shopping and spending time together as a family.

Cyndi, Aimee, Nick & Sharni – LN2 Team


Gowrie News


As part of Gowrie's focus on supporting good dental health through the Smiles4Miles program, in Term 1 we are all going to “Drink Well”! We know that fizzy drinks are not healthy for our teeth and overall health so our kindergarten students have been experimenting with natural ways to flavour their water. Every morning there is a very busy slice and squeeze station where the children add their favourite fruit flavours to their water bottles! This has resulted in a reduction in cordial and fizzy drinks and a huge increase in the amount of water consumption… yum!!!!!



Specialist News - Music


BVPS students have started off wonderfully this year in music, already showing how much they enjoy being able to explore and express their ideas through music.
PREP and LN1 students have been focussing on building their skills with rhythms, using their bodies, voices and percussion instruments to make songs and play together. They have also explored ways of writing their own rhythms and ideas, using numbers, shapes and symbols so that they can remember and share their ideas later.
LN2 and LN3 students have been working on hearing and playing rhythms, and learning how they are written using music notation. They have worked in groups to compose and record their own rhythmic pieces, which have shown some great thinking and creative skills from many students. They have also begun working on piano skills in their last lesson, which we will continue in the coming weeks.

As the term goes on we will be restarting Rock Band and Choir, looking to be in full swing as Term 2 begins - stay tuned for more information about these programs in the near future!

Gareth Taylor – Specialist Music teacher

Specialist News - Digitech



Our grade 1 and 2 students have been mastering creating presentations in Keynote on the iPads. We have made presentations about our holidays, our classroom and ideas for our focus plans. We have also been learning to take photos with the iPads to put into our presentations. We look forward to the preps joining us in the second half of term.


We have been learning about our digital footprint. How what we say and do online effects our reputation. We have also been learning to create presentations in Keynote. We have learnt how to find photos on the Internet and import them into our Keynote presentations. We have made some excellent presentations about focus plans and some of our favourite things or people.


We have been learning about our digital footprint. How what we say and do online effects our reputation. We have also been starting to use Google Classroom and write online comments to each other. We are learning about being safe, kind and respectful in what we post. We have learnt how to customize our chromebook google accounts to have our own avatars and desktop wallpaper.

Liam O'Grady – Specialist Digital Technologies teacher

Specialist News - Kitchen Garden


Learning Neighbourhood 2 has been busy in the kitchen and the garden for the past couple of weeks. Last week they surveyed the garden to see if they could identify which plants were growing and created a garden planner with a wish list of all the fruits, vegetables and herbs they would like to grow this year. They also learnt about the tasks they will complete in the garden each week including weeding, watering, planting, harvesting, caring for the chickens and collecting their eggs.

In the kitchen, they have been learning about hygiene and the importance of washing their hands before preparing food. This week, they had a go at chopping vegetables and using a frying pan to create a delicious meal of ‘Vegetable Fried Rice’ to share as a class. They will be furthering their knife skills and stir frying technique next week when we make a vegetable stir fry.

The students have been having a wonderful time cooking and eating their creations. Any parents who are interested in cooking or gardening are very welcome to join these classes on Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00-2:00pm and Thursday from 9:30-11:30am!

Vegetable Fried Rice

Ready in 40 minutes

Serves 4-6 people


  • ½ carrot
  • 1 stick of celery
  • ½ a red capsicum
  • 2 spring onions
  • ¼ cup of corn kernels 
  • 1 TBS of oil
  • ¼ C of soy sauce
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten 
  • 3 cups of cooked rice
  • 2 TBS fried shallots


  1. Chop all vegetables into small cubes, remember to hold your fingers like a bear claw and put all of your scraps in the scrap bucket.
  2. Heat oil in a frying pan and add the egg, Mix the egg around in the pan with a wooden spoon to scramble it. When it is cooked, move it onto a plate.  
  3. Put all of the vegetables into your frying pan. Move them around with the wooden spoon for 2 minutes. 
  4. Add the soy sauce, egg and cooked rice to the pan, mix it all together.
  5. Transfer the fried rice to a large bowl and sprinkle fried shallots on top.


Amy Hermans – Specialist Kitchen Garden teacher


Specialist News - PE

We are very lucky and excited to become part of The Village Project with Cricket Australia and the AFL led by Sean De Morton. The Village Project is a project that will bring cricket and AFL to children to areas where there is low level of engagement in these select sports and also students from CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) backgrounds.
BVPS will join four other selected schools in the Hume Region to participate in the program.
The project has four phases; Phase 1 is discovery into AFL and cricket within the school environment. Phase 2 is engaging students through Auskick and Cricket Blast programs after school for 4 weeks in a free program. Phase 3 involves connecting the sports into events and competition similar to our current gala days. Phase 4 is about building community connections with our local football and cricket clubs at Jacana Reserve. Students will have been exposed to a range of structured and unstructured cricket and AFL activities led by Sean and classroom/specialist teachers with morning activities taking place on a Wednesday from 8:30am and activities during lunch break. We encourage all students to experience this great opportunity.

Ash Macarthur – Specialist Physical Education teacher


Have you liked and followed the BVPS Facebook page? Reminders about school events and announcements are posted here - a great way to get reminders about things that are happening in the days before they happen!

Community News

Our timetable of community programs will be sent home this week. We have some exciting new programs and events to look forward to this year!  If you are interested in starting at any of these activities, please come and ask at the office. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.


TAEKWONDO ‘Just for Fun’ Offers classes instructed by a qualified Taekwondo coach in a fun and relaxed environment that promotes physical activity for your child. We do not operate a grading system - it's just for fun!

DANCE CLASSES: Classes are based on learning different styles of dance to the latest music releases, working on technique and movement that enhances skills

SINGSTARS: A fun and exciting new program that teaches singing all in the one class. Our classes will make you feel good enrich lives and it’s fun, what more can you ask for? * Private singing lessons can be arranged is required.

ACROBATICS: Our acrobatics classes are taught using artistic gymnastic tumbling techniques and also include elements of partner balancing, trampette work and contortion. Acrobatic classes help dancers build upper body strength, agility and flexibility which can be beneficial in other dance genres. Our acrobatics classes are divided on skill base rather than age to allow for students to work to their fullest potential.

For more information please visit:

Or call Leanne Cacoyiannis on 9205 2513.