Newsletter - Term 1, Week 3 - 2020

BVPS Valley View Monday 10th February 2020

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   
Fri 14 - Student Details Update Forms due back
Fri 14 - Interschool Sport begins for Grade 5/6 Students
Tues 18 - Meet & Greet Breakfast - 8am

Fri 27 - Last Day of Term 1
Fri 13 - International Women's Day Dinner

Mon 13 - Easter Monday Public Holiday
Tues 14 - Term 2 Begins
No School for Foundation students on Wednesdays in January & February
Wed 12th Feb
Wed 19th Feb
Wed 26th Feb


Principal's Message

Welcome back everyone to another year in your fabulous school!

A very warm welcome back to school for 2020 to everyone. I hope you had a wonderful break from school and were able to spend quality time with your family and friends. It gives me great pleasure to especially welcome the new Preps to the school community. Thank you to all the parents and kindergarten teachers who have so thoughtfully prepared these students for their first year at school.

Mrs Laurena Merlino, Mrs Sarah Maroukel and a whole host of other staff members happily welcomed the new Preps into the Learning Neighbourhood for an exciting day of learning. There were lots of first day photos, smiles and very heartfelt looks from the Preps’ loved ones as they wished them a great first day. Some parents even managed to express relief that it all took place so smoothly.

It was very nice to chat with everyone and I hope you enjoyed your first school morning! There will be lots of opportunities for new and current parents and friends to be involved in the school and your children will love seeing you support their learning.


It gives me great pleasure to welcome new staff to BVPS:

Ms Jennifer Thompson will be working in LN 1 as a Grade 1 / 2 homegroup teacher. Jen completed her final teaching experience at BVPS whilst studying at Australian Catholic University. Mrs Amy Hermans will be very popular as she leads the Kitchen Garden program and Gareth Taylor will provide our students with the opportunity to enjoy Music. We trust our new staff are inspired by the wonderful BVPS community and enjoy their new appointments.


Whole school assembly will continue to be held on every second Friday (Week 2, 4, 6, 8) beginning at 2.35pm. We look forward to our Young Leaders hosting the Assembly and parents are invited to attend.

Learning Neighbourhood assemblies will take place on every other Friday in the Learning spaces.


The 2020 School Structure:


Staff Members



Mrs Carmela Bianco

Principal Office 

Assistant Principal

Mrs Lisa Stanford

AP Office (LN3)

Business Manager 

Mrs Jennifer Petrone

Main Office

Front Office

Mrs Lindy Rider

Main Office

Education Support

Mrs Indra Mahoney

Mrs Leanne Mustard

Mrs Christine Tuakana

Ms Emma

Mrs Ebtesam Yehia

Donna Anastasiadis (Counsellor)


Instructional Leaders

Ms Sharon Goldfinch

Ms Aimee Lowry

Ms Jamielee Black

Mrs Jodie Coughlan




Student Wellbeing


Mrs Laurena Merlino

Mrs Sarah Maroukel


Grade 1 & 2

Ms Belinda King

Mr Jordan Colombo

Ms Jennifer Thompson




Grade 3 & 4

Ms Cyndi Stewart

Mr Nic Marchbank

Ms Sharni Moloney


Grade 5 & 6

Mrs Wendy Cecchini

Ms Isabelle Grossmith

Mr Jason Hucker


Literacy Support

Mrs Jan Vella



Mrs Marina Lopez

Specialist Office (LN3)

PE & Sport 

Mr Ash MacArthur

Specialist Office (LN3)


Mr Gareth Taylor

Specialist Office (LN3)

Digital Technologies

Mr Liam O’Grady

Specialist Office (LN3)

Kitchen Garden

Mrs Amy Hermans

Specialist Office (LN3)

Community Hub Leader

Mrs Kirsten O’Connor Smith


All students are expected to come to school every day that the school is open to students. If students can’t come, parents must provide an explanation for their child’s absence to office on the day of the absence. Students should arrive at each class ON TIME and ready to learn.

Parents need to assist their child to be punctual so as to create the very best opportunities for their child to learn and not miss vital instruction time which commences at 9am.




Over the past 10 years our students have participated in the IFit program that has given all students the opportunity to start the day with an active and positive outlook. We know that exercise improves the blood flow to the brain that then enhances learning, mood and the ability to think.

In 2020 our students will engage in iFIT activities during the day with their homegroup teachers, enabling EVERYONE to participate.

We want all our students to be fit and healthy. This is one way the school supports healthy minds and bodies for everyone.


Children in years Prep – 6 must wear a broad brimmed hat.

On days when the temperature reaches 33 degrees or above an ‘indoor play” lunch timetable will be implemented. This means that the children will play in their Learning Neighbourhoods in the break times.

As all Learning Neighbourhoods are air-conditioned there is no need for children to have their educational program interrupted by removal from school on extreme hot days. Please bring your children to school, we will keep them cool and they will continue to learn.


We invite you to come and join us for BREAKFAST! We look forward to sharing a pancake, a sausage or a muffin with you.

Meet and Greet is an annual event at BVPS to help new families at Broadmeadows Valley meet existing families, as well as to give everyone a chance to catch up and say hello and celebrate the start of a new school year.

We would love every family to be at our breakfast!


Enjoy the Year

The dedicated teaching staff at Broadmeadows Valley look forward to celebrating the success of your child’s learning with you and your child, communicating what progress has been made and what we can do in partnership to further this learning.

I hope we all have a very happy and successful 2020.



Carmela Bianco


New Staff Introductions

My name is Miss Jen and I’m teaching grade 1/2 in LN1 for my very first year as a teacher. In 2019, I was a student teacher at BVPS in Miss Cyndi’s LN3 class and then went on to finish my teaching degree at Australian Catholic University in December. Some of my hobbies include playing netball, spending time with friends and family, travelling and cheering on the Demons in the AFL. I’m very excited to be part of the BVPS community and look forward to getting to know everyone!

Hello BVPS parents, carers and families, I'm Gareth, the Music Specialist teacher for 2020! I've been teaching music in schools and as a tutor for more than 10 years, and am very much looking forward to discovering the musical talents of the students at BVPS this year. Feel free to say hello and have a chat if you see me around the school!

Hi, I am Amy and I'm the new Kitchen Garden specialist teacher who will be running cooking and gardening classes with the students in Learning Neighbourhood 2. Any parents with an interest in cooking or gardening are very welcome to join these sessions on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Please come and talk to me about it.


LN3 Interschool Sport

Interschool Sport begins this Friday for Grade 5 and 6 students. Parents are welcome to come to BVPS on the Home game days to cheer on our students, as well as joining us (you will be required to make your own way) at our Away games at the other schools in our district.  

Term 1 Dates
14th Feb vs Campbellfield Heights PS AWAY
21st Feb vs Holy Child HOME
28th Feb vs Dallas Brooks CPS AWAY
6th March vs Coolaroo South PS HOME
13th March vs Meadows PS AWAY
20th March vs Ilim College AWAY

Ash Macarthur - PE & Health Specialist Teacher


A digital copy of the 2020 School Fees and Booklist Fees can be downloaded here.
A copy of the new CSEF information for 2020 is available on the website here.
Information on the current novel Coronavirus from the Department of Education is available here.