Newsletter - Term 4, Week 8

BVPS Valley View Monday 25th November 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   

Fri 29 - 2020 Prep Orientation (Final Session)
Tues 3 - LN1 Excursion
Wed 4 - LN3 Movie Excursion
Tues 10 - Statewide Transition Day
Thur 12 - Casual Clothes Day
Thur 12 - BVPS Festival - 3:30-5:30pm
Mon 16 - Semester 2 Reports Go Home
Thur 19 - Grade 6 Graduation
Fri 20 - Last Day of Term

Term 4 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 9 December

Term 4 - Whole School Assembly Dates
(2:35pm in the Multipurpose Hall)

Week 9 - Fri 6 December


Principal's Message


Hello everyone and welcome to another fortnight in our fabulous school.
At Broadmeadows Valley we are very fortunate to have working with us a range of volunteers, and community organizations that support the work that we do on a day to day basis.

We are always so appreciative of what they do for us and every year we show this appreciation by inviting them to a Helpers Morning Tea. It is an opportunity for us to thank them.

If you would like to become one of our volunteers or helpers in 2020 don’t hesitate to speak with our teachers, our leaders, Kirsten and myself. We are always happy to welcome more people into our learning community.


FRIDAY 13TH December at 11:30am.


For the past 3 weeks on a Friday morning, the staffroom has been filled with the excitement that comes with being a parent of a future Foundation student. We have welcomed new parents and some of our already BVPS families to the Transition Program for Parents. During these sessions we have provided information about a variety of topics that will support parents to support their children. By attending these sessions parents have also been able to meet a variety of teachers, leaders and equally as important, meeting each other. 

Thank you to Ms Black and her team for leading this program here at school together with Gowrie Broadmeadows Valley.

In the last session next Friday, parents will be asked to reflect on their hopes for their child’s schooling and for their future.

How do you answer this question? I’ll have a ‘hopes and aspirations’ poster on my window. Come and share them with me and I will post them for everyone to see.

We look forward to welcoming all our new families into the 2020 school year.

Regards, Carmela


Neighbourhood News - LN2


Wow! Week 8, Term 4 already! Learning Neighbourhood 2 cannot believe how quickly this year has flown. We would like to thank all of the families who attended our Student Led Conferences and share how proud the LN2 teachers are of the effort put in by every student during their conference.

During Week 2 of this term, twenty-five Learning Neighbourhood 2 students attended the exciting camp at Campaspe Downs. All students and teachers enjoyed participating in fun teambuilding and physical activities. They had fun building rafts, swinging on the giant swings, abseiling and canoeing. The feedback from all camp-goers was extremely positive.

On Tuesday the 22nd of October, LN2 had the great opportunity of performing in front of a number of schools at Federation Square. They were able to showcase their singing and dancing skills, following their weekly Song Room sessions with Katie. All students demonstrated a high level of energy and professionalism when on stage. Afterwards, they were lucky enough to enjoy a cold milkshake.

Each LN2 class has also been performing songs learnt during their music sessions. They have been presenting these during our neighbourhood or whole school assemblies. It is great to see them displaying the hard work they have put in throughout the year.

LN2 are still enjoying the Enrichment topic - focusing on the history of Australian Indigenous people and how the beginning of European Settlement changed the traditional way of life for them. They have written well detailed historical recounts from the perspective of a convict and have been learning about the changes that have occurred in Australia, since 1788. Students also attended the 'Captains and Convicts' incursion today and were very engaged in the learning experiences.

Ahead of us we have the great BVPS School Festival on Thursday 12th of December. All students are currently learning a new song and dance to perform on the day. We are also looking forward to our transition day later in the term where all students will meet their new homegroup teacher for next year.

Aimee, Jan, Nick & Laurena – LN2 Team


Gowrie News


Community Partnerships: Our Bus Stop Project


For the past 18 months the children have been visiting the elderly residents at Brookeview Residential care facility on Dimboola Road. The partnership that we have formed with the staff and residents has been instrumental in supporting intergenerational relationships. But…. The walk to Brookeview can be long for those of us with little legs. This walk also prevents us from attending on our regular Friday when the weather conditions are dangerous. The children and educators are now working on a project to have a bus stop installed on Dimboola Road that would drop us off right out the front of the facility.


The children have begun drawing pictures and writing letters to Hume CEO and our Local member Frank McGuire in hopes of their voices being heard and a bus stop being installed. The residents of Brookeview also want their voices heard and have begun writing letters to go with the children’s letters. We now invite yourselves to contribute to our project and share your feedback on the value of this partnership for your children.


The dining room table has letterhead, pens and pencils available if you would like to share your thoughts or sit down with your child to do a drawing. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to announce the successful installation of the bus stop!


Specialist News - Music


Preparing for performance has been a key concept this term for LN1. Throughout this exploration, LN1 has performed every week in front of their peers in an acapella singing group. We have touched on singing technique by practising breathing into our ribs and exhaling slowly as we sing. We have also had quality conversations every week on lyric meaning, key words in selected songs and how selected songs make us feel and why. LN1 are spectacular at their routine music meditation at the start of the class. They demonstrate this excellence by dropping into the present moment, closing their eyes, listening deeply and then choosing to express their thoughts and feelings in a genuine and sincere manner.



This term LN2 have been rehearsing very solidly in their home groups. The material we are working on is mostly Australian pop repertoire, such as SIA, though we have performed a few American pop songs, by artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus. Students have been active in their learning of their parts. Some students have further developed their rhythmic skills on the African drums, others have progressed on piano and the remainder have started to learn fundamental singing techniques, such as breathing, classical exercises and tone variation. We have been thrilled at the performances so far this term and are set to have performances at every neighbourhood and whole school assembly for the rest of the term. Hope to see you there!


There has been a remarkable shift in all students in LN3 this term. Their teamwork in their class ensembles has improved dramatically. Grade five and six pupils in their ensemble are taking on roles such as; counting the ensemble in, stopping the ensemble when we they are out of rhythm with each other, suggesting arrangement ideas and asking for extra work to learn outside of the class. 5/6 B performed their piano, vocal, drum kit and African drum version of “Never Give Up” by Australian born singer and songwriter SIA at their neighbourhood assembly recently and they were very pleased with their efforts as were all staff and peers.



Ashleigh Meagher – Specialist Music teacher


BVPS Festival

The Annual BVPS Festival will be held on Thursday 12th December, from 3:30pm - 5:30pm. Students are invited to come to school in casual clothes on this day, so that they can transition straight from the classroom to the festival after school. 

This year's festival is an extra special one, as we will be celebrating 10 Years of BVPS!

A reminder that all students remaining after school for the Festival need to be supervised by an adult. Teachers will be busy helping to run the Festival and will not be responsible for supervising.


Notices for the LN3 Movies Excursion will go home this week. No payment is required for this excursion, as it will be funded by the money that students raised at the Business Fair.

Invitations and more information about Grade 6 Graduation will go home this week.

2020 School Fees and Booklist Fees went home last week. A digital copy can also be downloaded here.

Community News

Congratulations to these ladies who successfully completed our Food Safety certificate training! We hope to run this nationally accredited training program again in 2020. Please speak to Kirsten or one of these friendly ladies if you would like to know more. 
The Parent Ambassadors group will be working hard to get ready for the famous BVPS festival. All are welcome to join our activities in the Hub Welcome room every Wednesday afternoon from 2.30pm. We would love to see you!