Newsletter - Term 4, Week 6

BVPS Valley View Monday 11th November 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   
Tues 12 - Food Safety Certificate (Practical assessment) 9.30am – 1.30 pm
Wed 13 - LN3 History Excursion
Fri 15 - 2020 Prep Orientation
Wed 20 - Parents Group Meeting - 2:30pm
Fri 22 - 2020 Prep Orientation
Fri 29 - 2020 Prep Orientation
Tues 3 - LN1 Excursion
Tues 10 - Statewide Transition Day
Thur 12 - BVPS Festival
Mon 16 - Semester 2 Reports Go Home
Thur 19 - Grade 6 Graduation
Fri 20 - Last Day of Term

Term 4 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 25 November
Mon 9 December

Term 4 - Whole School Assembly Dates
(2:35pm in the Multipurpose Hall)

Week 5 - Fri 8 November
Week 7 - Fri 22 November
Week 9 - Fri 6 December


Principal's Message


Hello everyone and welcome to another fortnight in our fabulous school. I would like to thank all of the families that weathered the horrible weather to attend the student led conferences on Thursday. What a great effort from our students to present their learning to their families!

I spoke with both teachers and parents about the conferences and they all expressed how proud they were of our students and how competently they led the discussion about their learning. Our students were well prepared by their teachers. It was also noted that the students who were not so well prepared were the students with high absences. As a school we do everything we can to ensure that students needs are met and that we know what our students’ goals and achievements need to be. We cannot do this unless the students are here every day working with teachers to achieve at the highest rate.

It was disappointing to see a number of our students being taken home after the conference, in the middle of the day.

We need our students to be here 100% of the time, we need parents to understand and support the work of the teachers by ensuring their children are at school every day.

I heard one parent tell Lindy at the office that she was not taking her daughter home early because she needed to stay at school to do her learning. That’s exactly what we want to see from our parents; making the right decision for the benefit of their children.


With only 6 weeks left of the 2019 school year I invite you to support your children achieve 100% attendance.




Thank you to all the parents who have supported the school by paying the fee of $60. This amount has not changed for the past 2 years. We do everything we can to keep the fees to a minimum, but we do expect that every family support the school by paying it. It’s not too late to make your payment, please come and see Jen in the office.

Kind regards, Carmela


Neighbourhood News - LN3


LN3 is abuzz with all the learning that is going on, and with only 6 weeks left of the 2019 school year there is still a whole lot happening!

The Business Fair at the end of Term 2 was highly sucessful, with most of our stalls selling out in the first half hour of the fair. Thank you to all of the students, parents and community members that came down and supported the business fair - and we're sorry if you missed out on the product you wanted to buy! Students spent time after the Fair counting up their money, paying back their 'float' and calculating their profit. Combined, the students made enough money to take the whole neighbourhood to the movies next month!
Our learning this term in Literacy is focussed on History, and students have been writing historical accounts about the affect that colonisation had on the Aboriginal people. Students have been learning about the Stolen Generations and enjoyed a visit from Eva-Jo and Kutcha in the first week of term, where they heard Eva-Jo and Kutcha's personal stories of being part of the Stolen Generations.

We were also lucky enough to get a whole lot of shelving and new books for our library, and along with parent helpers, students have been working on the task of relabelling our novels to arrange them in alphabetical order, which has been a big job!

Preparations for Grade 6 graduation are in full swing, with more information going home shortly. Grade 5 students have also been involved in the design and voting for a Grade 6 jacket for 2020!

Cyndi, Jason, Isabelle, Betul & Sharon – LN1 Team


Gowrie News


Throughout 2019 the kindergarten classes have been engaged in an oral and dental hygiene ‘Smiles 4 Miles’ program. As part of this program the kindergarten children have been sharing their learning with all classrooms. As a result, every day, all classrooms enjoy munching on apples after their lunch as a way of cleaning their teeth. All children are also encouraged to drink lots of water throughout the day to keep hydrated and to assist in further cleaning of the teeth, tongue and mouth.


Last week, as part of the ‘Smiles 4 Miles’ program, we had a visit from the dentists. The children delighted in sharing what they had already learnt and the dentists were so happy to perform dental checks and found lots of clean and healthy teeth! Did you know that all of the kindergarten children have 10 top teeth and 10 bottom teeth?!


Throughout this program children have been exploring the importance of cleaning, drinking and eating well!



Specialist News - Visual Arts

We have been very busy in the art room during these first weeks of Term 4!


In Learning Neighbourhood 1 we have been learning about an American artist called Georgia O’Keeffe. Students were very excited to find out her story and how this artist loved painting flowers in a very particular way.

Georgia O’Keeffe has inspired us to explore Australian flowers and create our own pieces. Students have chosen their favourite flower and they have decided the materials they wanted to use to complete this artwork. They really have demonstrated our school values of Pablo and Natia.

The Australian Flowers display is outside the art room. Don’t forget to come around and have a look!


In Learning Neighbourhood 2 we have also learnt about Georgia O’Keeffe and her style.

Students have learnt how to observe in detail what they want to draw.

Inspired by this artist, students in Learning Neighbourhood 2 have focused on the use of line and shape and the small details when drawing their Australian flowers. Everyone has put in lots of effort and has demonstrated our school value of Djinda while working on this project.


In Learning Neighbourhood 3 students have been learning about self-portraits. They have been experimenting with different techniques to transfer an image onto paper.

Students have also been exploring different styles of portraiture so they could make an informed choice of the one they would like to use to create their piece. Each self-portrait is unique and reflects their personality.

Our Grade 5/6 display is still in progress. We hope to have it ready in the next few weeks.
As with every year, grade 6 students are going to use these self-portraits to design the invitations for their graduation. We are looking forward to seeing them!


In the next few weeks, students across the school will be exploring modelling techniques using different types of clay. Clay is, without a doubt, the most popular material in the art room. We can’t wait to have our hands dirty again!



Marina López – Specialist Visual Arts teacher


Excursion Reminders

A big reminder that permission forms and payment/CSEF are due back for the LN1 History Excursion.

LN3 History Excursion is on this Wednesday. A reminder that all students need a hat and school jumper/jacket, as well as their lunch, snack and drink in a small bag that they will carry themselves. This is important as we will be catching the train to the city.

Community News
  • Our adult learning classes and playgroup are all up and running. Come join the English class (every Friday 9.00-11.00am) or learn how to sew (Wednesdays 9.00-11.00am). Everyone is welcome. Child-minding is available for both classes.
  • Our ‘Valley Kids’ playgroup meets every Tuesday in the Gowrie Early Learning Centre, just next to the school oval. Bring your baby or young child. Meet new friends! Play together!
  • Are you looking for a job? Do you need some help to get ready to work? Kangan offers free workshops. Click on the link to find out more.

Please talk to Kirsten if you’d like to know more about any of these activities.