Newsletter - Term 4, Week 4

BVPS Valley View Monday 28th October 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   
Mon 28 - Swimming Program
Mon 28 - Food Safety Certificate (Session 1) 9.30am – 1.30pm 
Tues 29 - Swimming Program
Tues 29 - Food Safety Certificate (Session 2) 9.30am – 1.30pm
Wed 30 - Swimming Program
Thur 31 - Swimming Program
Thur 31 - Grade 2 Sleepover

Tues 3 - LN1 Excursion
Tues 10 - Statewide Transition Day
Thur 12 - BVPS Festival
Mon 16 - Semester 2 Reports Go Home
Thur 19 - Grade 6 Graduation
Fri 20 - Last Day of Term
Mon 4 - Curriculum Day (NO SCHOOL)
Tues 5 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
Thur 7 - Student-Led Conferences
Fri 8 - 2020 Prep Orientation
Tues 12 - Food Safety Certificate (Practical assessment) 9.30am – 1.30 pm
Wed 13 - LN3 History Excursion
Fri 15 - 2020 Prep Orientation
Wed 20 - Parents Group Meeting - 2:30pm
Fri 22 - 2020 Prep Orientation
Fri 29 - 2020 Prep Orientation

Term 4 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 11 November
Mon 25 November
Mon 9 December

Term 4 - Whole School Assembly Dates
(2:35pm in the Multipurpose Hall)

Week 5 - Fri 8 November
Week 7 - Fri 22 November
Week 9 - Fri 6 December


Principal's Message


Hello everyone and welcome to another week in our fabulous school,



I travelled up to Kyneton and spent the day visiting the Year 3 & 4 campers. I received a warm welcome finding the students so excited about the activity they were participating in. Everyone was smiling, everyone was participating. I was invited to the disco on that evening but unfortunately had to keep my dancing moves for another time.

I’d like to give a very special thank you to both students and teachers for making this experience such a memorable one for everyone.

Our school is made up of fantastic people and this is evident on these occasions. I’m proud of the effort that everyone at camp made to make this experience such a special one for all involved.

We look forward to offering this experience again next year.



Did you know that the last Friday in October every year is World Teachers’ Day?

Research tells us that the most important element that makes a difference to student achievement is the teacher. Our teachers are so dedicated and loved by their students. This relationship ensures that the focus always be on addressing the learning needs of the students and providing them with the right guidance and support that enables them to achieve every day.

What a great group of educators we have here at BVPS.

When was the last time you popped in to just say ‘hello’ to them and thank them for working so beautifully with your children?



Did you see our students on the Channel 9 news on Sunday night?

I was so excited seeing them perform and having a great time. The Song Room program takes place with our Learning Neighbourhood students every Friday. The students have thoroughly enjoyed the dance sessions with their instructor Catherine. The performance allows these students to celebrate all that they have learnt and perform in front of other schools.

Congratulations to our students for representing us in such a powerful way!!



I hope so!!

If you’re not going to be with us in 2020, could you please come and see Lindy in the office and let us know?

We are currently working on grade structures and numbers for 2020 classes. Accurate information will make sure we make the right decisions for our school.


Have a great week.




Regards, Carmela


Neighbourhood News - LN1


Term 4 has begun and Learning Neighbourhood One has started the term flying! So much fun and learning has been happening throughout the neighbourhood, with many exciting events just around the corner. Grade 1 and 2 students have been working hard, writing acrostic poems about Australia. Students have been learning about Australian History during Enrichment lessons and how the past affects our present day lives. We have also been learning how technology has changed during the years.

Foundation students have been writing procedural texts. We were even lucky enough to have the wonderful Mrs Stanford come in and help us make jam and scones, yum! We can now explain how to make both, step by step. Perhaps you can make these at home too!

Swimming has begun and will continue next week! We are all very proud of our swimmers and how they have participated with enthusiasm and cooperation. See the section below for photos from the first week!

The Grade 2 Sleepover is just around the corner. Teachers are busy planning exciting activities and there will be a Halloween theme, since the sleepover over falls on Halloween. Students are very excited about our excursion to Sovereign Hill coming up in Week 9. Reminder to families, please return permission notes for both the excursion and Grade 2 Sleepover.

We look forward to the remainder of this term and all of the exciting events taking place.

Belinda, Sarah, Jordan, Wendy, Sharni & Jamielee – LN1 Team


Specialist News - Swimming Program


It has been a fantastic start to the swimming program. Students have displayed a sense of pride and excitement throughout the first week. They started the program by meeting their swimming teacher and learning how to enter a pool safely, blow bubbles under water and float using noodles and backboards.

Some of the things some of the LN1 students have enjoyed about swimming are:

Jack: “playing the ball race game in the water.”

Aisha: “swimming in the pool.”

Bella: “when we do back kicks with the board.”

Grace: “when we pretend the noodles are horses.”

Charli: “when we were jumping in the deep end. I was nervous at first but I enjoyed it.”

Abdimalig: “going into the water and learning how to swim.”

Angelina: “learning how to back float.”

Students in Group 2 have been practising all sorts of swimming skills using noodles, boards and lifejackets. Students have been practising kicking and arm positions for swimming. Some students have spent time in the deep end of the pool whilst wearing lifejackets and practising lifesaving techniques.


The teachers have noticed their students showing a range of character strengths including bravery, persistence and determination.


Specialist News - Digital Technologies

LN1 - We have been creating great presentations about sea creatures, instruments and superheros. To do this we have learnt how to draw on an iPad and search for images on the Internet. Our grade 2 students have been extending themselves further by using keynote to create their presentations – they have found some terrific images to use. Recently we have also started using iMovie to make movies on the iPads.


LN2 - Our grade 3 and 4 students have done excellent work improving their typing skills. In our coding work we have been learning to fix problems (debug) and see patterns that we can use repeat loops for. We have recently started to work with our Lego WeDo robot kit as well. The WeDo robot kit can be used to make programmable Lego robots with flashing lights and moving parts. Students have shown great teamwork in creating these robots. During camp week students at school worked with controlling the Sphero robots with our Maze challenge.

LN3 - We have been working very hard on our coding and typing skills in LN3. Our students have done great work in learning to see patterns and use repeat and while loops. They are also showing excellent persistence, teamwork and coding skills in the way they work on these puzzles.

We are also extremely proud of all of our students who competed in the National Computer Science School Competition on Grok Learning. It is the first year we have done so and our competition students rose to the challenge. With more than 17000 students from across the world competing it is fantastic to note that we received the following honours:

  • Ryan C – Perfect score
  • Raideep S – Perfect score
  • Sowmya G – Credit
  • Aidan R - Merit


Liam O'Grady - Digital Technologies Teacher


Excursion Reminders

A big reminder that permission forms and payment/CSEF are due back for the LN1 History Excursion and the LN3 History Excursion. 
Community News
  • Our adult learning classes and playgroup are all up and running. Come join the English class (every Friday 9.00-11.00am) or learn how to sew (Wednesdays 9.00-11.00am). Everyone is welcome. Child-minding is available for both classes.
  • Our ‘Valley Kids’ playgroup meets every Tuesday in the Gowrie Early Learning Centre, just next to the school oval. Bring your baby or young child. Meet new friends! Play together!

Please talk to Kirsten if you’d like to know more about any of these activities.