Newsletter - Term 3, Week 10

BVPS Valley View Monday 16th September 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   
Wed 18 - LN3 Business Fair - 9:30-11:30am
Fri 20 - Last Day of Term - 2pm Finish
Sun 6 - Daylight Savings Time Begins (Clocks forward 1 hour!)
Mon 7 - First Day of Term 4
Fri 11 - LN3 History 'Stolen Generations' Incursion
Wed 16 - LN2 Camp @ Camp Campaspe
Thur 17 - LN2 Camp @ Camp Campaspe
Fri 18 - LN2 Camp @ Camp Campaspe
Mon 21 - Swimming Program
Tues 22 - Swimming Program
Wed 23 - Swimming Program
Thur 24 - Swimming Program
Mon 28 - Swimming Program
Tues 29 - Swimming Program
Wed 30 - Swimming Program
Thur 31 - Swimming Program
Term 4 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 14 October
Mon 28 October
Mon 11 November
Mon 25 November
Mon 9 December


Principal's Message


Hello everyone and welcome to another week in our fabulous school.

The term has come to an end and with it a range of activities and learning opportunities that have continued to grow our students’ achievements and experiences.

We thank you for your continued support in helping your children achieve to the best of their ability. Getting them to school on time, providing a healthy lunch, ensuring they get plenty of sleep, engaging with the teachers and whole school community events are all ways you can partner with us to make it great for our students. When our students see our parents supporting the school, they know that all key people in their lives are working together to make it better for them.

REGIONAL ATHLETICS took place on Tuesday at the International accredited track in Epping. A group of 8 students participated in various events. Mr Mac and I supported the students throughout the day and ensured they were ready to compete. Great to see Belinda Gee supporting her son Vincent. It was a pleasure to see our students represent themselves and our school on this occasion. Nothing like hot chips and potato cakes on a cold day! Not to mention ending the day with sundaes!! Congratulations to the following students for their effort and their behaviour at the event.

Well done to Vincent, Sefine Tupuola, Kyu Fiaui, Richard Toma, Jonas Kanga, Jessica Tupuola, Lester Maota, and Jai Humphries.

Sefine, Kyu and Jai will progress to the next level of competition in October. A very big thankyou to Mr Mac for all his training and teaching that has enabled these children to compete successfully at this level.

Individual student reports of NAPLAN results have arrived, and we will be mailing them home before the end of term 3. There will be an information pamphlet with the report outlining how to read the results. Please keep a copy of the report as it may be needed for Secondary School transition. As a school we keep a copy in the student’s file for future reference. As a staff we will review the data to focus on achievement as well as areas that need strengthening.

RAY DAY was held on Friday and a pancake breakfast was held in honour of our beloved School President Raymond Drew who passed away 2 years ago. The 2020 Helping Hand Award has been awarded to three students who always demonstrate a willingness to help others and support their peers and teachers.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jorja Ferguson, Indianason Fiaui and Naari Nelson-Ioane. Each of these students representing their Learning Neighbourhoods, modelling for others how to be a respectful and enthusiastic participant in the teaching and learning program. A lovely honour to achieve! Well done and keep up the effective way in which you work together to make your learning space a great place to learn.

I hope you have had a great weekend, one week to go before we have our break. Happy Holidays everyone, be safe and enjoy the time together.
School will finish early at 2pm on Friday.

Kind regards




Neighbourhood News - LN3


The students and teachers in Learning Neighbourhood 3 have had such a great term.

We are nearing the end of another Literacy and Enrichment unit. LN3 students have been working on establishing their own businesses throughout their Business and Economics unit by learning how to write business and financial plans as well as learning about marketing strategies. The students will be selling and presenting their products/services at the LN3 Business Fair on 18th of September. The students are making a variety of products including soaps, slime, scrunchies, jewellery and delicious treats like cupcakes and popcorn. All parents, carers and students of the BVPS community are invited to come and see what our students have to offer from learning more about business and economics during this wonderful unit.

In conjunction with the Literacy uni, students are learning about money, financial plans and budgets in maths. This unit has been an exciting way to help students use their financial skills during their Literacy and Enrichment learning.  We have also come to the end of 'Maths Games' and 'Maths Olympiad'. All students have done a wonderful job in participating in this challenge using their problem solving skills - Well Done!
Congratulations to the following students on their placings in the school competition:
Maths Games - Overall Top 5
1st - Aarav S
2nd - Sowmya
3rd - Ryan
4th - Aarav A
5th - Zubaidah

Maths Games - Homegroup Placings
5/6G - 1st equal - Ahmad & Aidan; 2nd equal - Raideep & Rawan H; 3rd - Sidra A.
5/6S - 1st - Xavier; 2nd equal - RJ & Mujahid; 3rd equal - Apollo, Maria & Lester.
5/6H - 1st - Ryan; 2nd - Issac & Tristan; 3rd - Alberto.
5/6B - 1st - Aarav S; 2nd - Sowmya; 3rd - Aarav A.
Gr. 4 - 1st - Abdullah.

Maths Olympiad
1st - 
Sowmya (14 points)
2nd - Zubaihad (13 points)
3rd equal - Ryan & Aarav S (10 points)


Cyndi, Betul, Jason, Isabelle & Sharon – LN3 Team

Specialist News - Swimming Program


Thank you to all of the parents who returned the notes for the swimming program. The program is now full to capacity with 100 students from LN1 and LN3 enrolled to participate in the program in Weeks 3 and 4 of Term 4.

Specialist News - Music


This term, LN1 have participated in instrument rotations on drum kit, piano, guiro and acoustic guitar. This work also included learning the different parts of each instrument, how to care for the instrument and fundamental standard technique. Next term we are excited to be continuing with our rotations and progressing our learning on each instrument with a real focus on both listening and composing.

The Music Program for LN2 also consisted of rotations on instruments with the focus on composing short piano pieces and short rhythms using the guiro. It was truly amazing to see students creating non-standard technique on the guiro as well as learning informal rhythm notation, which is progressing into formal percussion notation next term. We are also starting class ensembles and the kids are quite excited about this!

LN3 have shown fantastic learning in Music this term. Many students have learnt  open chords on guitar, for example, as a consequence of the valuable and rigorous instrument rotations. There are other students who are beginning to use both hands on piano to play octave chord shapes, something that is not common in primary school aged music students. Next term we are looking forward to creating instrument roles within each class and start rehearsing as an ensemble. Exciting!

Outside of the student’s whole class music program, there are currently two contemporary bands, as well as a girls drumming group, up and running and we are thrilled about it. I have merged the choir and rock band into one group and we have been busily preparing for our first performance under my direction last Friday at the whole School Assembly.


Ashleigh Meagher – Specialist Music teacher


Community News

What a fun and busy term it has been! Look at some of our community learning activities from this term…



Have a safe and happy holiday. Don’t forget to look at the BVPS Facebook page if you need some ideas for holiday activities. Enjoy!



Ray Day


Thank you to all the parents and students who joined us in Breakfast Club for the pancake breakfast and to Kirsten and the Parent Ambassadors for organising a great breakfast.

Another big congratulations to Jorja, Naari and Indi for being presented with the Ray Drew Helping Hand Awards for 2019.