Newsletter - Term 2, Week 10

BVPS Valley View Monday 24th June 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

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Wed 26 - Last Day of School
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Mon 15 - First Day of Term 3!
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Principal's Message



One more week to go before we all embark on a holiday break that is always welcome and well received.

I think it’s fair to say that we have had a busy Term 2 with a whole range of different activities that have included our entire community of learners. Teachers continue to learn more about how best students learn and how to improve their practice, students are challenged in their learning every day, ensuring that they are growing in their knowledge and skills and our parents being exposed to a host of events and activities that support our school, the students and the teachers.

Our community is AWESOME because of all the people that make a contribution! Thank you.

The last day of school for students is Wednesday 26th June, finishing at 3:15pm as usual. Thursday and Friday are Curriculum Days as teachers embark on 2 days of Professional Learning.


A very big thank you to all of the parents who braved the cold yesterday and last night to come and meet with the teaching staff to discuss their child’s report and progress to date.

This is a very important way that parents demonstrate support for their children and support for the teachers and the work that they do with the students throughout the semester.

When parents and teachers work and learn together, the students benefit most because they witness first-hand the positive relationship that contributes to their learning.

If you were unable to attend last Thursday or missed your appointment, we would like to invite you to contact your child’s teacher to reschedule.


Having finally succumbed to it myself last week, a reminder that despite all precautions, common illnesses are easily spread as the children work and play in close contact with each other. Although it may seem obvious, children should not come to school when they are contagious to others, when they have a fever and when they’re too sick to learn. Childhood illnesses are easily spread when children are in close contact in the school setting.

If your child has a very runny nose, vomiting, a temperature or they are generally lethargic they should be kept at home to rest. Sick children should not to return to school until at least 24 hours after the symptoms cease. Sending your child to school may not make them worse but it will increase the likelihood that the infection will spread to classmates and friends.

According to the Victorian Statutory requirements, if the child is experiencing certain cold like symptoms, they must be excluded from school until the symptoms have ceased. If your child is vomiting they must stay away from school for a minimum of 24 hours from the last bout of vomiting.

It is important that children who attend school are healthy and well. Your assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Enjoy your holidays and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 3!




Neighbourhood News - LN2


Learning Neighbourhood Two has had a fantastic finish to Term Two. Students have been working hard in their Enrichment learning of Day and Night, which has included an incursion from PrimeSCI. At the incursion students were able to work in small groups broaden their understanding of what is happening in our solar system, exploring the different planets, where those planets are in relation to Earth, and how long they take to orbit the sun! All the students who attended had an amazing time and actively engaged in the activities offered.

In literacy, students have been exploring the genre of explanation texts. They have been able to read a range of explanation text relating to their Enrichment topic and have built up an impressive bank of knowledge relating to day and night. Students have been exercising their inner Pablo by planning a showcase of their learning to take place in the last week of term. This has been driven by the students who had the choice between presenting their understanding as a poster, PowerPoint presentation, iMovie or model or song. Students have also been drafting their own explanation text of how night and day is caused, further developing their writing understanding and skills.

The Songroom program has been taking place on a Friday and each class is working hard on putting together a dance that they hope to share at a whole school assembly in Term 3. Each class has a routine inspired by dance from a different region of the world and all students are enjoying the chance to get moving each Friday! 

Nick, Laurena, Jan & Aimee - LN2 Team

Specialist News - Digital Technologies


In LN1 our students have been continuing to work on their coding skills. They have practiced creating the code to make our Scratch Jr characters move around the screen and respond to triggers. They started with the Travelling Penguin character and have now progressed to using their own characters. We have also created Scratch Jr programs showing the season their birthdays are in and used these to start investigating graphs of this information.

LN2 students have been testing their coding skills by completing challenges in Ozoblockly and These are both block-based coding language. Code is created by connecting pieces of code together in a similar manner to how we connect jigsaw puzzle pieces together. is a fantastic resource for learning and we will be working more with a range of the coding resources they have.

Our LN3 students finished off their survey projects by creating PowerPoint presentations including charts and their findings. They are now engaged in further exploration of coding skills through completion of online challenges and courses in Some students are engaged in alternate work utilizing the LightBot Hour of Code challenges.


Liam O'Grady Specialist Digital Technologies Teacher


State School Relief Prep CSED Uniform Package 2019


For all families with children in Prep that have a Health Care Card and have applied for the 2019 CSEF, you qualify for this pack. Please enquire at the office or call us on 9309 4066.
Community News

Hume Central Secondary College hosted two coding workshops this term run by an inspiring PHD scientist from Melbourne University specializing in coding/robotics.

Nearly a quarter of the LN3 student attended these sessions in their own time afterschool and enjoyed the opportunities to experience and explore science in a way that relates to their everyday lives.