Newsletter - Term 2, Week 6

BVPS Valley View Monday 27th May 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   

Wed 29 - LN3 Excursion to Melbourne Museum/IMAX
Fri 31 - 5/6 Interschool Sport - Away @ Coolaroo South
Fri 7  - 5/6 Interschool Sport - Away @ Campbellfield Heights
Mon 10 - Queens Birthday Public Holiday - No School
Thurs 13 - AFL Gala Day
Fri 14 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ BVPS
Mon 17 - Student Reports go home
Mon 17 - LN2 'Our Place in Space' Excursion
Wed 19 - Parent Teacher Interviews
Fri 21 - 5/6 Interschool Sport Finals
Fri 28 - Family Excursion

Term 2 - Newsletter Dates 
Tues 11 June
Mon 24 June


Principal's Message


Hello everyone and welcome to another week in our fabulous school!

Literacy and numeracy are the foundation for learning and success throughout life. At Broadmeadows Valley we believe that all teachers are teachers of literacy and numeracy. We maintain that this is the most important work and continue to ensure that the focus remains on these two areas of the curriculum. We support our students in developing the myriad of capabilities so they can progress and succeed through all stages of learning and participate as active members of our society.

Students at BVPS have access to contemporary resources that support literacy and numeracy learning, they learn in an environment where their individual needs are recognised and catered for, students receive additional support if they are not making expected progress in literacy and numeracy at any point throughout their time with us. The teachers are ensuring that students are presented with challenging and interesting learning opportunities that will enable them to be engaged and participate in the learning to the best of their ability.

We have dedicated the entire morning of our timetable to literacy and numeracy learning. Students remain in their neighbourhoods without interruption to this time. All of our specialist teachers are working with the LN teachers and together they facilitate the learning experience for our students.

We also recognise that parents are the children’s first and ongoing teachers, playing a key role in supporting their children’s learning from birth to adulthood. We encourage you as parents and carers to assist us with this vital work.

Here are some ways you can make a difference:

  • read to your children
  • learn number facts whilst chopping onions at the kitchen bench,
  • have conversations about everyday events on the news
  • engage in family discussions about books or favourite television shows or apps!!
  • count the cars on the opposite side of the road on your way to the shops

What other opportunities can you explore in the home environment that promotes the use of literacy and numeracy? If you would like any ideas, please speak with your child’s home group teacher!!

Have a great week everyone.




Excursion Reminder - LN3


Learning Neighbourhood 3 are going to the IMAX and Melbourne Museum this Wednesday.
All students need to be at school by 8:15am!
Students need to bring snack, lunch, a drink and wear full school uniform (including a jacket as it's supposed to be wet and cold!)

Neighbourhood News - LN1


Learning Neighbourhood 1 has had a great first half of Term 2. Our prep students have almost completed their first semester of schooling and have had a great start to their education.

This past term and a half, our students have engaged in a range of new concepts in Maths that have challenged and extended all of our learners. These learning experiences have allowed students to develop their skills in patterns, money, addition and subtraction.

Cultivating Communities
LN1 have been taking part in the Gardening program throughout this year with Miss Carol. The students have been taking part in a range of activities including perfume making, feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, planting seeds, watering and weeding the garden.


Our Enrichment topic for Term 2 is Push and Pull, all students in the neighbourhood have begun designing and creating a toy that moves. All students have used their creative skills like Pablo to design and invent their toy. We are going to be having a toy exhibition in our Learning Neighbourhood on the 7th of June at 2:30pm, we invite all parents, carers and friends to come and observe the student’s creations.

Last Friday we had the Mad about Science incursion. This incursion gave the students an opportunity to explore a range of toys that used the force push and pull. The students got to experiment making their own balancing clown toy.



Sharni, Wendy, Belinda, Sarah, Jordan & Jamielee - LN1 Team

Specialist News - Art


We have been very busy in the art room during these first weeks in Term2!

In Learning Neighbourhood 1 we are learning about Portraiture. Students have been drawing their self-portraits and it was really fun guessing who was who!

We have been learning about Abstract portraits as well. Students were inspired by different artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee, to create their own piece. At the moment students are still working on how they are going to display their portraits. Please be patient! We assure you is worth waiting for to see how special our creations are. Everyone has demonstrated our school value of Pablo while working on these portraits.

During this term, students in Learning Neighbourhood 1 have also being learning about texture and how to take a rubbing using different surfaces. We can’t wait to use all the textured paper we have made in some of our artwork.

In Learning Neighbourhood 2 we have been learning about shape and line and how to combine them to create different visual effects.

Students have been designing their own ‘Bento Box’. We have been looking at different images of Bento Boxes and students have been very creative with their designs.

It is really fun in the art room at the moment! Students are learning about how to translate their Bento Box design into a collage using all different kinds of paper. They really have demonstrated our school value of Gus and Gert and have worked well together. Our favourite phrase is ‘If You Can Cut … You Can Collage’! Come and join us if you feel like doing some cutting. We hope to have our Bento Box display ready before the end of the term.

In Learning Neighbourhood 3 we have been focusing on the use of colour value or tone. Students have been learning about shading techniques and using different materials to create basic forms, such as a cube and a sphere. It was fun trying to draw with charcoal for the first time! You should have seen our hands after all the drawing!

At the moment we are learning about Still Life. Students are focusing on composition and how to sketch the elements for their unique piece. Instead of fruits, we have decided to display our best Pablo value and be very creative! Last week, some of our Grade 6 students went to Bunnings to get a variety of succulent plants for everyone to practise their drawing skills. We hope to have our Still Life display ready by the end of term!





Marina López Specialist Visual Arts teacher


State School Relief Prep CSED Uniform Package 2019


For all families with children in Prep that have a Health Care Card and have applied for the 2019 CSEF, you qualify for this pack. Please enquire at the office or call us on 9309 4066.
Community News

Iftar Dinner
The BVPS staff were very lucky to attend a special Iftar dinner last Tuesday night hosted by some of our Muslim families. It was an amazing opportunity to learn and understand more about our school families and their traditions. Thank you to all of the families who participated for sharing your wonderful food and stories. We are always grateful for the opportunity to learn together.

Family Day Care

Are you a working parent? Do you need help with your children before or after school? Mamona is a registered Family Day Care worker who also has children at BVPS. She is available to care for your children before school from 7.00am and after school until 6.00pm. She is able to drive them to and from school. Government assisted Child Care Subsidy is available for eligible families. Please contact Mamona on 0414 279 859 for more information.

Woolworths Earn and Learn

Woolworths Earn and Learn is on again. If you shop at Woolworths, we'd appreciate it if you would collect the stickers - each $10 you spend gets you one sticker (don't forget to ask for them at the checkout when you pay!). There are sticker sheets in the office that you can take and collect your stickers on, and when your sheet is full you can drop it in the box in the office! Last year we collected 1500 stickers which earned us some great sport equipment for the students to use during playtime. We'd love to beat that number this year. Earn and Learn runs until the end of the term, so get collecting!

Penola Catholic College - Year 7, 2021 enrolment closes soon
Penola Catholic College is now taking enrolments for Year 7, 2021. Families of current Grade 5 families who are wanting their child to go to Penola in Year 7, please note that their closing date is FRIDAY 21ST AUG 2019.
You can download the Penola Enrolment form here.