Newsletter - Term 2, Week 2

BVPS Valley View Monday 29th April 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   
Fri 3 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ BVPS
Fri 10 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ BVPS - families invited!
Fri 10 - Mothers Day Stall
Mon 13 - Ladies Morning Tea
Tues 14 - Grade 3 & 5 NAPLAN Tests
Wed 15 - Grade 3 & 5 NAPLAN Tests
Thur 16 - Grade 3 & 5 NAPLAN Tests
Fri 17 - LN1 'Mad About Science' Incursion
Fri 17 - 5/6 Interschool Sport - Away @ Holy Child
Thur 23 - School Photos
Fri 24 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ BVPS
Wed 29 - LN3 Excursion to Melbourne Museum/IMAX
Fri 31 - 5/6 Interschool Sport - Away @ Coolaroo South
Fri 7  - 5/6 Interschool Sport - Away @ Campbellfield Heights
Mon 10 - Queens Birthday Public Holiday - No School
Thurs 13 - AFL Gala Day
Fri 14 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ BVPS
Mon 17 - Student Reports go home
Wed 19 - Parent Teacher Interviews
Fri 21 - 5/6 Interschool Sport Finals

Term 2 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 13 May
Mon 27 May
Tues 11 June
Mon 24 June


Principal's Message


Hello Broadmeadows Valley community,

What a great week to come back to school! How fortunate for us to have the extra days in between the week to get ourselves into the routine of being back at school.

Students have returned from the break with learning of their minds and the teachers not only returned refreshed and revitalized for a busy term ahead but are well prepared for Term 2 to be one that is productive and enjoyable for all our learners.

I would like to sincerely thank the families that have sent their children to school EVERY DAY this week. It is critical that students have high attendance in order to achieve successfully.


The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is responsible for Australia’s national reporting program, including the MY SCHOOL website. This website presents our NAPLAN results every year.

I am very proud to announce that our school has been recognised for our substantial above average growth in NAPLAN Reading results.

What a fantastic result for all of our past students who have achieved outstanding results in the learning of reading. Our dedicated teacher’s past and present have had an unconditional and relentless focus on ensuring that our students needs are met in all areas with a particular focus on Literacy and Numeracy.

A very special thank you to the staff at BVPS who continue to improve their practice by being ongoing learners themselves. It is this appetite for wanting to be the best educators that enables our students to achieve great results.

We all see ourselves as learners in our community and always wanting to improve our practice.

Thank you to all our families who support and appreciate our work.

Looking forward to another term in our great school.



Neighbourhood News - LN3


Learning Neighbourhood Three has had a fantastic start of the year full of exciting experiences and challenges. Our team have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the fabulous grade 5/6s throughout Term One.

This past term, our students have engaged in a range of new concepts in maths that have challenged and extended all of our learners. These learning experiences have allowed students to explore decimal fractions and rounding and develop an understanding of Place Value.

In writing, our students have been focusing on narratives. The students spent most of Term One writing, editing and publishing their personal narratives and we excited by the wonderful writing we have seen.

This term LN3 are working on persuasive writing, which links to our Enrichment topic on science. Enrichment will also involve reading activities and an excursion to Melbourne Museum and the IMAX cinema in Week 6.

The Young Leaders in LN3 were busy in Term One organising and running many successful events for our school community, such as the Harmony Day Lunch, International Women’s Day and our weekly assemblies. This term they will continue their work by helping to run community events and participating in a number of projects.

The summer Interschool Sport competition has been a highlight for LN3 as all students have been able to participate in working as a team in their chosen sport. It has been a great experience meeting and playing against other schools in our community and learning new skills. The girls volleyball team and boys basketball team were so successful that they made it to the regional finals which were played last Friday. We are looking forward to this term’s winter competition, with our students competing in netball, touch rugby, european handball and soccer
Cyndi, Jason, Isabelle, Betul (CRT) & Sharon - LN3 Team

Specialist News - Digital Technologies


We have made an excellent start to the year in Digital Technologies. Our grade 1s and 2s started by creating profiles about themselves on the iPads. We then welcomed the preps into our lessons. Since then we have been working together in table groups to help create simple programs in Scratch. The LN1 table teams have proven themselves fantastic at collaborating and helping each other. Congratulations to the grade 1s and 2s who have lead the way in this.


In Learning Neighbourhood 2 students have been learning how to use laptops and practicing their word processing and chart creation skills. We are now commencing our coding module with creating simple codes to control Ozobot robots.


Learning Neighbourhood 3 started the year with the challenge of learning some binary numbers. Binary numbers are the basis on which all computers work. Our students showed great dedication and committment in creating their own binary bracelet with their initials written in binary code. They have also learnt how to read simple binary numbers. We are now working on surveying, chart/graph creation and interpreting charts.


Liam O'Grady - Digital Technologies Teacher




Absences add up! Missing just 2 days a month means a child misses 10% of the school year and this results in poorer academic results. Likewise when a child’s attendance increases their academic results also improve. 

Well done to the students that had 100% attendance last term:

Prep Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Ahlaam Aisha Alizey Shaby Paige Khalid Aarav A
Seher Ahmad Abdullahi Hasan Talia Sidra A Abdiaziz
Amani William Naradavid Luancecilia Naari Zahra Tristan
PIU Makayla Charli Bureqa   Brodey Xavier
Tom Johliffe Abdimalig Mahalia   Dora Tahnika
Sara   Marli Thusanth   Rawan H Sowmya
Anamarie   Lily Tulia   Jai Kauri-Boy
Dinoni   Wendell     Ahmad Ervan
Zachariah         Abdikarim Faadi
          Alla Sidra
          Ninorta Ruth
          Mark Lester
          Maxx Elaine
          Sarujan Bilal
          Apollo Alberto
          Zage Mujahid
            Aarav S

We also have a number of students who have made impressive improvements in their attendance compared with last term - we will be featuring these students in an upcoming newsletter!
Jodie Coughlan - Leading Teacher (Wellbeing)

Community News

Hume Central Secondary College - OPEN NIGHT - this Thursday!

Grade 5-6 students and parents (as well as parents and students of Years 3-4 who may be interested) are invited to Hume Central Secondary College's College Open Night 2019.  They welcome all to come along and view the modern teaching and learning environments and hear about the programs they offer to achieve the best possible academic and social outcomes for all students.  On the night, lesson ‘tasters’ will also be a special feature for prospective Year 7 students to experience.




Thursday 2nd May 2019 – 6.00pm to 7.00pm


60-78 Tanderrum Way