Newsletter - Term 1, Week 10

BVPS Valley View Monday 1st April 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   
Fri 5 - Last Day of Term - Early Finish - 2pm (No Assembly)
Mon 22 - Easter Monday - No School
Tues 23 - First Day of Term 2
Thur 25 - Anzac Day Public Holiday - No School
Fri 10 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ BVPS - families invited!
Tues 14 - Grade 3 & 5 NAPLAN Tests
Wed 15 - Grade 3 & 5 NAPLAN Tests
Thur 16 - Grade 3 & 5 NAPLAN Tests
Term 2 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 29 April
Mon 13 May
Mon 27 May
Tues 11 June
Mon 24 June


Principal's Message


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for reading our final newsletter for Term 1. As you are reading this, I wonder if, like me, you are thinking 'where has this term gone?' Shortly we will all be enjoying our holiday break. Staff and students have engaged in a term of rigorous teaching and learning and are looking forward to a well-earned rest and slower pace. We wish all families a safe and enjoyable holiday. For those families who celebrate Easter we hope you get to celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy an Easter egg or two. Mrs Bianco is using some of her Long Service Leave to enjoy a very well-earned extended holiday and will be keen to share her holiday stories when we all return in Term 2.


Thank you to the parents, staff and community members who have volunteered to be a member of our School Council. Our new BVPS School Council is made up of the following people:

•       Carmela Bianco

•       Amanda Saunders (Vice President)

•       Lisa Stanford

•       Adeela Kamran

•       Jamielee Black

•       Richard Armstrong

•       Jordan Columbo

•       Mourad Arabi

•       Jennifer Petrone

•       Naime Gokce

•       Michelle Gujer (Co-opted Community )

•       Phoebe Watson

•       Marcelle Jackson (President)




Please note there will be no assembly on Friday 5th April as this is our last day for the term and we will have an early finish at 2.00pm.


I had the pleasure of seeing 19 of our Grade 5-6 students engaging in a coding workshop hosted by Hume Central Secondary College. The session was run by a PHD scientist from Melbourne university.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • Inspire students with everyday concepts covered in the educational
  • Make real world links of the aspects of Physics and Science through “hands on” inquiry time and open-ended
  • Extending their way of thinking, reasoning, and
  • To investigate and acquire skills that students can use in all areas of their
  • Giving them a competitive edge for the ever growing technological
  • Making links with technology, physics principles and

When I visited the session, I saw engaged and smiling students.

As well as providing our students access to an amazing coding workshop opportunity, our students got to mix with teachers from the secondary school and work in their spaces. This can be a positive aspect of their future transition into secondary college.As this term draws to a close we would like to acknowledge and thank all stakeholders of BVPS. Families, carers, students and staff all play their part in making sure our school is a safe, fun and productive learning community and we look forward to continuing our work in Term 2.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Stanford - Assistant Principal

Neighbourhood News - LN1


It has been a terrific start to the year in Learning Neighbourhood 1. Our devoted teachers, Jamielee, Wendy, Belinda, Sharni, Jordan and Sarah, are enjoying getting to know all of the students and are developing an understanding of how they learn best.

Students have been learning to follow the structure of a Narrative during Writing. The neighbourhood has been developing a narrative by starting with a plan, then drafting the story and the students are later going to publish their stories on a word document. These stories are going to be formed into a class book for students to keep in their classroom.

During Numeracy sessions, all students have been involved in a wide range of learning experiences. Students in Grades 1 and 2 are using their problem solving skills to work through open ended tasks. Prep students have started exploring data, measurement and representing numbers in graphs. Coming up in LN1 we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

This year Learning Neighbourhood 1 is participating in the Cultivating Communities Program. The students have been enjoying the Gardening program with Miss Carol. The students have participated in a wide range of activities such as planting seeds, digging, watering and feeding the chickens.


Sharni, Wendy, Belinda, Jordan, Sarah & Jamielee - LN3 Team

Specialist News - PE


Thursday the 21st of March was the Broadmeadows Sports District Cross Country event held at Westmeadows and Willowbrook Reserve. This was a very exciting and eventful day for the 11 student attendees from Learning Neighbourhood 2 and Learning Neighbourhood 3. Each student represented BVPS with exceptional qualities and a fantastic display of all our school learning values. The students conquered the 2km and 3km cross country track with high levels of enthusiasm and passion. Each student put everything they had into the race and all managed to finish the course regardless of the position they finished in. We were successful in many aspects of the day including having two students qualify for the Woodlands Cross Country event to be held in May at Bundoora Park. Congratulations to Jonas (LN2) and Richard (LN3) who were successful in qualifying for this event. 


Term 2 the Winter Interschool Sport competition will commence, students will represent BVPS in the following sports; Tag Rugby, European Handball, Netball and Soccer. We are highly excited and cannot wait for a new Term of Interschool Sport. Permission notes will be sent home at the end of Term 1 and will need to be returned by the 30th May. 

We would love to see as many parents and families as possible to join us at our home games against Bethal Primary on Friday 10th May from 9:30am. You are welcome to join us in the neighbourhood from 9am for our preparations for the games. We look forward to seeing you there!


Ash Macarthur – Physical Education Teacher

Young Leaders News - House Captains


This term in Interschool Sports the students from LN3 have been competing in East Competition of the Broadmeadows Sports District in Tee Ball, Volleyball, Cricket and Basketball. Our student have shown great sportsmanship throughout the term. All of the sports teams have tried their best. The boys basketball and girls volleyball teams have made it to the top of their respective ladders and will now represent the East Competition in the crossover finals in Week 1 of next term. All of the interschool sport teams have had a successful term and teachers and students are proud of what they have accomplished.

Lester, Jai & Fatma - House Captains

Community News


Food, families, colour, community and culture!
Our Harmony Day picnic was a celebration of all of these things. It was wonderful to have so many families join us to celebrate our cultural diversity.

Students were involved in learning activities throughout this week around the theme that ‘Everyone Belongs’ – no matter where in the world they have come from. We really saw this message come alive on the day of our picnic! 

Thank you to our amazing group of Parent Ambassadors and our BVPS Cultural and Community Young Leaders groups who all worked hard to help make the day so successful. And of course THANK YOU to all of the families who brought along delicious food to share. It was a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds! We are lucky to have such a diverse community where we can all learn from each other.


I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Kirsten - Community Engagement Leader

Hume Central Secondary College - OPEN NIGHT

Grade 5-6 students and parents (as well as parents and students of Years 3-4 who may be interested) are invited to Hume Central Secondary College's College Open Night 2019.  They welcome all to come along and view the modern teaching and learning environments and hear about the programs they offer to achieve the best possible academic and social outcomes for all students.  On the night, lesson ‘tasters’ will also be a special feature for prospective Year 7 students to experience.




Thursday 2nd May 2019 – 6.00pm to 7.00pm


60-78 Tanderrum Way


Easter Fun Raffle

Tickets $1 each

Each family has been sent home with a book of five tickets - more tickets are available at the office.

Money and tickets due back to school by Tuesday 2nd April (tomorrow).

Prizes drawn Thursday 4th April!

Hume Council Broadmeadows Street Festival

Hume Council Youth Week Activities
Read about the events and more information here (Website Link)

Learners of the Week

Congratulations to the following students who have exemplified our school learning values over the last 2 weeks. They received their Learner of the Week certificates at assembly.

Week 8
02J - Janet P - Rafid
02C - Zahida A - Djinda
34V - Thusanth S - Gus & Gert
34M - Vaeila P - Matilda
34L - Hasan H - Matilda
56H - Richard T - Djinda
56S - Kiana N - Djinda
56A - Nadir N - Natia
56G - Mohammed H - Rafid

Week 9

02M - Razan C - Djinda
02J - Amani M - Djinda
02S - Zach T - Matilda 
02K - Jay S - Djinda
02C - Zahida A - Djinda
34M - Jesel G - Natia
34V - Zion Z - Natia
34L - Maki S - Gus & Gert
56G - Tyrell V - Matilda
56H - Maxx S - Natia
56S - Apollo T - Matilda
56A - Dani Y - Djinda