Newsletter - Term 1, Week 6

BVPS Valley View Monday 4th March 2019
Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   
Fri 8 - International Women's Day
Mon 11 - Labour Day Public Holiday - No School
Tues 12 - Young Leaders Badge Presentation - 2:45pm
Wed 13 - Young Leaders Excursion
Fri 15 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ BVPS
Fri 22 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ BVPS
Fri 22 - Harmony Day Lunch
Fri 29 - 5/6 Interschool Sport @ Meadows

Fri 5 - Last Day of Term - Early Finish
Mon 22 - Easter Monday - No School
Tues 23 - First Day of Term 2
Thur 25 - Anzac Day Public Holiday - No School
Term 1 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 18 March
Mon 1 April


Principal's Message

Hello everyone,

Can you believe we are already in Week 6 of Term 1? It has been a pleasure to witness on a daily basis all of our students committed to their learning in such a focused manner. The educators here at BVPS that work with your children understand and cater for their academic and personal development learning needs. The positive relationship you have with your child’s teacher impacts greatly on the relationship your child has with our school and the learning that they engage in.

Research shows that one of the most important factors affecting a child’s performance in school is how involved their parents are in their education. Developing a healthy parent-teacher relationship is a great way to improve your child’s performance in school.

Getting to know your child’s teachers will not only benefit you, it will greatly improve your child’s chance of success in school. Establishing a strong parent-teacher relationship can be difficult or even intimidating, but there are some great tips to make the process easier:

  • Parent-teacher communication should be focused on the best interests of the child. It is essential to your child’s success in school.
  • Establish a regular means of parent-teacher communication. Whether communicating by phone, email, or in person, be proactive and work with the teacher in order to solve any problems.
  • Another great tip is to send a note of appreciation to your child’s teacher for all that he or she does. Teachers often hear from parents only when there are complaints or conflicts. Acknowledge and inspire teachers with your recognition and support.
  • Finally, create a strong parent-teacher relationship by volunteering. Helping out in the learning spaces is a great way to support your child’s teacher.


Notice of Call for Nominations School Council

Each year in Term 1 our School Council calls for nominations from our parents to fill vacancies in the parent category of School Council.

The size and configuration of our Council’s Constituting Order is 13 Council members, comprising seven parents, 5 Department of Education and Training (DET), and one Community members.

All terms of office are for two years, with overlapping tenure, so that not all positions are declared vacant in any one year. Broadmeadows Valley Primary School has 7 vacancies which have arisen as a result of parent members whose term of office has expired and have relocated to another area and school.

Being a member of School Council can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. Acting as a team, School Council supports the Principal to help deliver the best possible educational outcomes for students.


Please come and see me if you are interested in this taking up this opportunity.



We are currently trialling a different time for assembly. Assembly will be held on Friday’s at 2.35pm.

Students will return to the Learning Neighbourhoods after assembly and be dismissed by their teachers.


Have a great week.



Neighbourhood News - LN3

It has been a fantastic start to the year in Learning Neighbourhood 3. Students are very settled into their learning and there is a overall calm vibe in the neighbourhood during learning time.

Students are working in homegroups for maths and have spent the last few weeks working on problem solving strategies. We have now moved into working with numbers through counting, place value and decimal fractions. Students work in literacy groups for 2-3 hours per day with a teacher other than their homegroup teacher. We are currently focusing on characters, setting and plot in Reading lessons, with a focus on building stamina during Independent Reading. In writing we have begun our focus on writing narratives (stories) and students have been building up ideas in their new Writer's Notebooks. Earlier in the term we took special shopping trips to Kmart where every student was able to pick out and purchase their own notebook for this use. Enrichment is being linked to literacy, with a focus on student wellbeing and understanding of stress, triggers and being ready for learning.

Students are enjoying Interschool Sport, with our teams travelling away to other schools for the first two rounds, and we have just hosted our first home games this week. Our students have already been praised by teachers from other schools for their sportsmanship and displaying positive attitudes, no matter whether they win or lose.

The Young Leaders program is in full swing, with Mr Hucker and Mr Mac working with a team of around 50 students this year. The Grade 6 students have designed a Grade 6 jumper which will be available to purchase in Term 2. A small group of the young leaders will be attending a leadership conference in the city in mid-March which will broaden their leadership skills. The Community Leaders are organising whole-school activities for International Women's Day and National Day Against Bullying later this term. There will be much more to come in Term 2. A big congratulations also goes out to our new Class Representatives, who presented speeches and were voted in by their peers - Zubaidah (56A), Jullia (56G), Muhamed (56S) and (56H).

Thank you to all of the families who were able to make it to our 'Meet the Teacher' evening in Week 4. We enjoyed meeting you and sharing with you about the learning that will happen in LN3 this year. If you were unable to come, or have any further questions about your child's learning, please feel free to make an appointment to speak with one of us before or after school.

Cyndi, Ayhan, Jason, Isabelle & Sharon - LN3 Team

Specialist News - PE


In Learning Neighbourhood 1 we have been focusing on our locomotor movement skills. These are basic movement skills such as walking, running, jogging etc. and we have been using these skills to participate in minor games and activities. LN1 students have also been participating in activities that build our collaborative skills and demonstrate our school value of Gus and Gert. We are preparing ourselves for the foundation students who will attend specialists classes this week for the first time. Grade 1/2 students will buddy with a prep student during our classes to help them learn the necessary skills needed to perform a wide range of games and activities and help them feel comfortable in a different learning space. We will be moving on to following rules and instructions during games and practicing our stopping and starting by following instructions such as when the whistle blows. We will also focus on playground safety and how we can be active and safe around the various areas of our school. 
In Learning Neighbourhood 2 we have been working on collaborative games again using our school value of Gus and Gert, we have been playing these games to connect with our new classmates at the beginning of a new school year. In LN2 our focus has been on Net and Wall sports using the teaching games for understanding (TGfU) approach. In this unit we have been working on and understanding a wide range of strategies to benefit outcomes in net and wall games. Students in LN2 will prepare for the district cross country event held in Week 8 of Term 1. Students will practice their long distance running in preparation for the event whilst discussing the changes that occur in their body when performing events such as a long distance run. 
In Learning Neighbourhood 3 we have been getting deep into the Interschool Sport competition. BVPS is part of the Broadmeadows Sports District and we form part of the East side of our district. Every Friday morning we will play against another school in the east district either at BVPS or at their school. It has been great to see a lot of parent support for our students in our competitions and it is always encouraged to be apart of your Childs learning. 
In LN3 we have been focusing on a SEPEP unit through the sport of Basketball, in this unit students have selected a different role within their team in which they will fulfil a duty when they are not playing, this can range from coaching, umpiring to scoring. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Broadmeadows Sports District Cross Country event in Week 8. In preparation students will practice their long distance running and strategies to conserve their energy in such events. We will also talk about the effects long distance running events have on our body and we will collect data to use in the Digital Technologies program. 

Ash Macarthur - Specialist PE Teacher

Young Leaders News - School Captains


Our school strives to build our learning community and to build healthy relationships between teachers, students and their peers; setting goals and achieving them throughout the year.

Our young leadership team are already looking forward to welcoming a brand new learning monster which we have created to represent student voice in our community, along with new sixth grade 2019 Bomber Jackets, designed especially by our team.

This is why our Broadmeadows Valley leadership roles are critically important to us. It is so exciting because of the responsibility we give to our peers, adding input into our learning and bringing the community closer than ever. We look forward to the year that lies ahead.

Xavier Dunmore and Sowmya Ghimire - School Captains 2019

Community News


It is wonderful to welcome so many new faces to our BVPS community this year! Did you know that we have lots of opportunities for parents and carers to join us in school life? There are free adult English and conversation classes, sewing lessons, helping out at Breakfast Club in the mornings, attending our weekly whole school assemblies, dropping into the café for a free coffee and chat, working in our community garden, coming along to one of our parents group activities, sharing your ideas, helping out in the learning spaces…. We are always planning more ways for people to feel welcome and build their own skills and friendships at our school. Do you have an idea or skill to share with our community? Please ask at the office if you would like more information about any of the opportunities for parents and carers at BVPS. I look forward to seeing you around the school.

Kirsten - Community Engagement Leader

Learners of the Week

Congratulations to the following students who have exemplified our school learning values over the last 2 weeks. They received their Learner of the Week certificates at assembly.

Week 4
02S - Chase M - Gus & Gert
02S - Myrah I - Matilda
02M - Omar A - Rafid
02J - Marina F - Djinda
02K - Aydin H - Rafid
02C - Afnan A - Rafid
34V - Kaylani F - Matilda
34M - Hailey F - Djinda
34L - George P - Djinda
56H - Mahi - Nati
56S - Jayden M - Gus & Gert
56A - Jai - Rafid

Week 5
02S - Zaine Z - Rafid
02M - Ahmad A - Djinda
02J - Amani A - Djinda
02K - Saleem J - Rafid
02C - Amin A - Djinda
34M - Jiesikah T - Matilda
34V - Tilly F - Natia
34L - Talia K - Natia
56G - Samiu F - Rafid
56H - Indianason - Matilda
56S - Kauri-Boy H - Djinda
56A - Zubaidah - Matilda