Broadmeadows Valley Community Learning Hub

The Broadmeadows Valley Learning Hub provides opportunities for all family members to participate in the BVPS Community.


At Broadmeadows Valley Primary School we are committed to embracing and promoting the learning needs of all members of our school community. Research tells us that our students will perform better at school if their family members are involved in activities and programs within the school.


We envisage a world where everyone who wants to participate in an educational experience is welcomed and supported to do so.  We recognize that while our backgrounds and life experiences may be vastly different from one another, we enjoy a common humanity that is easily discovered when we work and learn  together. The richness that this diversity brings is our greatest strength as a community.


The Broadmeadows Valley Community Learning Hub includes all the activities and programs that involve our community members. 


These include our ;



We aim to provide programs and activities that are high quality, well considered and carefully maintained. Please speak to Kirsten if you would like to be involved in the Broadmeadows Valley Learning Hub activities.