Learning Neighbourhood 1

Play Based Learning program

No doubt at some stage you will hear your child talk about our Play Based Learning- it is an absolute favorite amongst LN1 students! Our students participate in Play Based Learning twice a week. On Wednesdays students work with a play therapist, Cat.

Play is a way of building and shaping the architecture of the brain, imitating and imagining are complex cognitive processes. At BVPS we believe the benefits of play are endless including; social development, improved wellbeing, as well as links to improved literacy outcomes.


Cultivating communities

Working in the BVPS garden is another of our favourite activities in LN1. Students are excited to get their hands dirty and complete a range of jobs in the garden. Working in the garden promotes our Rafid learning value as it contributes to the school community. Students are lead through this program by Carol who is a horticulture expert! Sessions include caring for plants, caring for our chickens, life cycles and the different types of plants we have in our garden.


Additional Programs

Some of the other programs we offer in Learning Neighbourhood 1 include:

Swimming Program – in 4th term

Grade 2 Sleep Over – our annual ‘Sleep Over’ at school takes place every year in Term 4.