Broadmeadows Valley Primary school is equipped with fantastic facilities to help deliver the best education possible to our wonderful students.

The school boasts 3 large 'Learning Neighbourhoods' split into early (P-2), middle (3-4) and upper (5-6) primary students.

A large kitchen with multiple ovens and cooktops accomodates our daily Breakfast Club, as well as student cooking sessions. Our very own recording studio is equipped with top of the range computers, audio and video equipment, as well as a large green screen for producing high tech video and audio recordings.

A large kitchen garden is overseen by an educator from the Cultivating Communities program on a weekly basis, and provides a luscious space for students to learn about growing and caring for plants and chickens, as well as providing yummy eggs and vegetables for cooking!

Our Multi Purpose Hall provides a large indoor space for Physical Education and Dance activities, as well as a space large enough to accomodate the whole school for assemblies.

As you can see from the below image, the students and staff at Broadmeadows Valley Primary School work within a very different learning space than which you would have most probably experienced as a student. These ‘flexible’ learning spaces allow the teachers and students to match the size, noise and resources of our school to the actuality of the learning experience.


For example, if our students were working in a small group on an explicit reading skill with a teacher, the teacher may choose to use a quiet, yet integrated teaching space like the ones found at the edges of the buildings (Learning Neighbourhood). If however, your child was working on a collaborative experience with a group, they would have immediate access to the open, stimulating, centrally located workspaces conveniently positioned to maximise supervision and access to resources.


The three Learning Neighbourhoods in our school cater for the specific needs of that particular age group. The design of the furniture, provision of technology and layout of the space considers how students learn best.


Flexible spaces for specific needs!