Prep Current Learning

GRADE Prep Learning Update - 24/3/22

Dear Parents & Carers,


Enrichment & Literacy:


Students have focused on naming and identifying different emotions such as happy, sad, angry  and nervous. They were encouraged to use these feelings to communicate their needs and wants in a range of situations. Students created a class focus plan that included calming down strategies they could choose from when feeling upset or angry and explored “how big” their problem was. They practised using these strategies to solve their own problems by participating in role plays.


Students have participated in a variety of Language Experiences this semester, such as bubble wands, snake scavenger hunt, seed planting, chalk writing, paper aeroplanes, throwing bean bags in the air, teddy bear picnic and outdoor songs and games. They were supported to talk and draw about these language experiences. Students had opportunities to develop their fine motor skills by practising threading (pasta necklaces), tracing, cutting and using tongs to pick up small objects. 


Students listened to and engaged with a variety of story books, nursery rhymes and songs to expose them to different types of text. Early reading behaviours such as, pointing to words as we read, identifying the title and reading from left to right were the focus throughout the semester. Students had opportunities to practise and use these skills daily. They were encouraged to make predictions about what will happen in the text before and during reading. 




Students began the year with a focus on counting and place value. They participated in a range of hands-on experiences using varied materials and tools. Students developed their understanding of number names and counting sequences forwards and backwards through action, songs and finger rhymes.  


Students were exposed to a range of counting behaviours and strategies to assist them when counting a collection of objects. This included touching each object when counting (one-to-one correspondence), organising objects into a line and understanding the last number represents how many in the collection. They used this new knowledge of place value to compare and order small sets of objects, identifying when one is smaller or bigger than another. 


When learning about patterns and shape, students were supported to group and sort objects based on what they look like including colour, shape and size. Students explored 2D shapes and found examples of them in their environment. They used everyday objects to copy and continue a simple pattern, and were supported to create their own pattern. Students practised identifying the repeating part of a pattern and were challenged to identify a non-pattern.



The Foundation students have just joined the specialist programs at BVPS from Week 6. Currently we are focusing on developing our skills around locomotor movements and how we can move our bodies in different ways through a range of activities. Students have also been working on responding to different cues such as “GO” “Stop” “Freeze” and responding to the whistle and music when it stops and starts. 


Performing Arts

This term Foundation students are being introduced to the elements of Performing Arts; music, dance and drama. We are learning to use percussion instruments together as a group to make music. We are exploring beat and tempo through a variety of musical movement activities. Students are beginning to look at how we can use our facial expressions to show a range of emotions through cooperative drama circle games.



During these first few weeks in Art, students are learning about the importance of taking care of the materials, where to find everything in the art room and how to be safe in this new space.

Students will be learning about colour while using different materials. They will be exploring warm and cool colours.