Grade 5/6 Current Learning

GRADE 5/6 Learning Update - 24/3/22


Hello LN3 Parents & Carers,

We have had an extremely busy start to the year in LN3 and we look forward to finishing the term off in strong fashion. In Numeracy, our focus has now turned to fractions and decimals, after recently completing our unit on Place Value. We were impressed to see significant  student growth throughout the unit, which came on the back of a lot of hard work.


In reading, students will continue to work on their inferring skills while reading their ‘just right’ books and join in their weekly guided reading sessions. A reminder that students’ classroom reading is encouraged to be supported by three reading sessions per week at home.


Another feature of students study at home is their work on their weekly spelling lists (blue, green or red level). Teachers will continue to hand out lists every Monday and test these words on a Friday afternoon. It has been wonderful to see improvement over the first few weeks and we look forward to seeing many students continue to grow their vocabulary and work towards taking on new lists.


Having recently finished our narrative writing unit, students used their knowledge of the ‘Seven Steps’ writing model to create their own published narratives. These narratives will form part of their Semester One writing assessment and these writing skills may be used by Grade 5 students in 2022 NAPLAN testing. We have now moved on to persuasive writing and will work on this text type for the rest of Term One and into Term Two.


Outside of the classroom, students are busy participating in Interschool Sport and we have been very proud to see such wonderful sportsmanship over the first three weeks displayed by all of our teams. This will continue until Week 10 and into Term Two when the winter sports will take over. Aside from sport, our students will also be participating in International Women’s Day activities and in a Graffiti Education Program in Week 8. This will be our last major activity before a zoo excursion as part of our science unit in Term Two.



Students in Learning Neighbourhood 3 have been focusing on collaborative learning and working together as part of a small team. Students have been using the school values through learning activities whilst also focusing on the values of teamwork, fair play and being a good sport. 

Moving forward towards the end of the term students will be focusing on a range of athletics skills to prepare them for Athletics Carnival in the future as well as developing their long distance running for cross country and focusing on how their body responds to exercise in different ways. 


Performing Arts

We have been learning about drum kit this term. We have been learning how to hold the sticks correctly and strategies we can use to warm up. Students have begun learning a number of technical drills to help with dexterity and speed when drumming. We have been listening to a variety of songs so we can practise finding the beat in the music and will be using these ideas and strategies to compose our own songs.



Students have been learning about Surrealism. They have been exploring an artist called Rene Magritte.  At the moment, students are finishing their own surrealistic artwork inspired by this artist. Students have also practised observational drawing. They have learned how to create different textures using just a pencil.

During the next few weeks, students will explore and experiment with different materials while discovering an artist called Lois Ehlert and her artwork.


Regards - The LN3 Team