Grade 3/4 Current Learning

GRADE 3/4 Learning Update - 24/3/22

Dear LN2 Parents & Carers,


Students have been revisiting the concept of place value this term. They are participating in a range of activities where they explore numbers up to six-digits. This involves tasks such as building numbers using concrete materials, ordering, recording the numbers accurately and locating them on a number line. 

Students are exploring the relationship between skip counting and multiplication. They are finding patterns in counting sequences and are discovering changing patterns when they begin from a non-zero number. Students are also investigating odd and even numbers.

Students will be revisiting areas of measurement such as length, area and mass. They will measure and compare the length of objects using both formal (cm, m) and informal units (blocks, icy-pole sticks). Students will then solve a range of practical problems related to length, area and mass, such as measuring and ordering objects from shortest to longest or heaviest to lightest.



Students began the term by learning about personal strengths. They were encouraged to identify their own strengths and those of others. We looked at how these personal strengths were linked to our BVPS learning value monsters and how they help us to be successful. We have been learning about how our brains work to help students be more aware of their emotions. This has enabled us to create a whole class focus plan, practicing strategies such as mindful moments to assist us in controlling our emotions.

Students focused on the personal traits and strengths of various characters in texts, using evidence such as what the character said and did to explain their thinking. Students studied the structure and features of a narrative (made-up story). They planned, drafted and published their own narratives with a focus on descriptive language to develop their characters.

We are learning to read and write a number of persuasive texts on various topics, practising developing clear arguments for or against. They are exploring the use of persuasive devices such as rhetorical questions, language choice and exaggeration in order to convince the reader of their point of view.

Students are focusing on comprehension strategies such as making connections between texts and their own lives. They are exploring how authors portray characters in texts through the use of adjectives and how characters relate to one another. Students are being given a number of non-fiction texts and are focusing on text features such as subheadings and diagrams to help them search for and use information. They are practising making text-to-world connections and distinguishing between fact and opinion.



Students in Learning Neighbourhood 2 have been focusing on collaborative learning and working together as part of a small team. Students have been using the school values through learning activities whilst also focusing on the values of teamwork, fair play and being a good sport. 

Moving forward towards the end of the term students will be focusing on a range of athletics skills to prepare them for Athletics Carnival in the future as well as developing their long distance running for cross country and focusing on how their body responds to exercise in different ways. 


Performing Arts

This term our students have been learning about the keyboard and xylophone. We are learning how to identify a variety of short songs and transferring the melodies onto the instruments. We are learning how to write and play our own songs by using a number of composition strategies and using the songs we have been studying to help give us new ideas. 



Students have been learning about paper weaving. They have experimented with watercolour paints to create their own painted paper using warm or cool colours.Students have also practised observational drawing. They have learned how to create different textures using just a pencil. At the moment, students are discovering a new artist called Lois Ehlert. They are creating their own collage using this artist as an inspiration.


Regards - The LN2 & Specialist Team