Newsletter - Term 1, Week 7 - 2020

BVPS Valley View Wednesday 11th March 2020

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.


Upcoming Events   
Fri 13 - International Women's Day Dinner
Fri 13 - Interschool Sport vs Meadows PS AWAY
Fri 20 - Interschool Sport vs Ilim College AWAY
Fri 27 - Last Day of Term 1

Mon 13 - Easter Monday Public Holiday
Tues 14 - Term 2 Begins
Tues 14 - Grade 5/6 Camp
Wed 15 - Grade 5/6 Camp
Thurs 16 - Grade 5/6 Camp
Fri 17 - Grade 5/6 Camp
Fri 17 - LN1/LN2/Non-Campers Zoo Excursion


Principal's Message


Hello everyone and welcome to another fortnight in our fabulous school,


I’d like to sincerely thank all of the parents who have paid their 2020 fees. We appreciate the effort it takes for some of our families to make this contribution in supporting the school support their children. We still have some family invoices outstanding. If you require a payment plan, please contact Jen or Lindy in the Office and they will help you get this organised.

These fees support the school in providing resources for our students.



Various exciting excursions/incursions/camps are organised over the course of the year by the teachers to support the learning that occurs in the learning spaces. These excursions/incursions/camps are an integral part of your child’s learning and teaches him/her many other skills outside of the classroom.


Organisation of these excursions is quite complex – buses, notes, booking of the venue, permission forms and payments, agenda for the day, duty of care requirements met… just to name a few.


The excursion note will have an end return date for your child’s permission note and money to be returned or completed online. This is about 3 working days before the excursion to enable arrangements to be finalised e.g. bus lists, medical information, confirmation of bus seating etc.

All permission notes and monies must be returned by that date.  No late returns will be accepted.


Child Safety

The beginning another school year is a good time to remind parents /carers of the need to educate their child on keeping safe, particularly when they are in public without an adult supervising or online.

Some of our students walk themselves to school and home again and many of our students have or use devices connected to the online environment and it is important for them to have strategies in place for when they feel unsure, uncomfortable or unsafe.

Teachers cover these conversations several times throughout the year, as part of our cybersafe curriculum, during social skills curriculum (including anti bullying) and other child safety curriculums (including stranger danger), also when we are alerted to potential or possible situations in the local area.

Some of the strategies we will talk to the students about include:

  • Being alert and aware of the environment around you
  • Nothing is ever so awful that you can’t tell someone
  • Recognising the signs your body has to alert you to possible dangers
  • Who are the people you can trust and tell things to?
  • The safety of moving in groups
  • Not talking to strangers
  • Not accepting gifts from strangers
  • Not accepting friend requests online from people, you don’t know
  • Avoiding online chat rooms
  • Don’t give personal details to anyone over the internet
  • Being assertive
  • Being resilient
  • Being a good friend
  • Inappropriate touching

Parents / carers can also support their child by having regular discussions around personal safety, including online. 


There are several websites that provide support material for teachers and parents, please find some of them listed below.

If parents have any questions, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher.


My absence

As of the 16th March, I will be on Long Service Leave until the end of the term.  I leave you in the capable hands of Lisa Stanford along with the other leaders to see you all to the end of the term.

We have had a very successful term of learning and all students have been involved in setting up the learning environment that enables success for all learners. Our students have been identifying what helps them support their learning and what strategies they are able to use when required.

We appreciate the support that parents provide their children to be ready for learning. We encourage you to send your children to school every day and on time. This ensures they are involved from the very beginning of the day and every day. It makes a HUGE difference to their achievement.

When schools and parents partner together to provide the best supports for their children, THE CHILDREN ARE THE WINNERS!!


Kind regards



Grade 1/2 News


It has been a wonderful start to the 2020 school year in LN1. The year 1/2's have settled in well and are enjoying working in a fun engaging learning environment.

Students have been working hard during Literacy to develop their reading stamina. They are constantly meeting new goals every day which shows their love for reading. Reading is extremely important to every students education and that is why, all children will bring home their reading folder every night to share and read with you.

Students will have recently brought home an excursion note. In early Term 2, students will be spending a day at the zoo. They will participate in an education experience, learning about all types of animals and their habitats. Students will also be able to walk around and see different animal exhibits including the seal show! Please bring the permission note back as soon as possible. This note is due back by March 25th.


Jamielee, Belinda, Jordan & Jen – Grade 1/2 Team

Grade 5/6 News


As we continue the term full steam ahead in LN3, we stop to reflect on how proud we are of our students who have begun their year with such a determined and focused attitude towards their learning. Many visitors to our space have commented on the calm, quiet tone of the classes as they walk through the neighbourhood.

Home Reading continues to be an important part of our homework program. Please note that the Home Diaries are a way for our students to record their Home Reading and any other homework they may have. We ask that parents & guardians sign these on a weekly basis. If you are unfamiliar with the diaries, you are more than welcome to come and discuss this with your child’s teacher.

Maths Update! – The Maths Games are on again this year. Our students will be competing with other students from around Australia, challenging themselves to put into practice the skills they have learned in the classroom. Last year we had some outstanding results from our students! Fractions and Decimals are our current focus with Term 2 learning to focus on the four operations of maths – addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.

The Latrobe University excursion is part of our Imagineering Project and is taking place this Wednesday the 11th of March with students and teachers looking forward to learning about different pathways into university studies. This links in very well with our topic of study this term ‘Our Quest to be Our Best.’

A reminder that Camp Doxa is fast approaching and the excitement of the 50 LN3 students attending is palpable! The teachers are not too far behind either… we are looking forward to seeing our students in a different light away from the classroom, exploring their adventurous side!


Sharon, Jason, Isabelle & Wendy - LN3 Team


Specialist News - Art


It has been a great start to the year in the art room. We have been very busy!

In Learning Neighbourhood 1, grade 1 and 2 students have been learning about Primary colours and how to mix them to create other colours. We have used plasticine and different types of paint and it has been fun!

During these weeks we have also been focusing on how to care for, and respect the materials and how to be safe in this environment. Students really have demonstrated our school value of Rafid.

Last week we welcomed the Foundation students in the art room. We were learning about the importance of taking care of the materials and where to find everything in this new space. Everyone was really excited!

In Learning Neighbourhood 2 students have been learning about the colour wheel and how to mix and blend different colours. We have had lots of fun creating the colour wheel using plasticine!

At the moment students are working on an artwork called My World inspired by contemporary artist Michael Swaney. We hope to have the display finished by the end of term.

In Learning Neighbourhood 3 students are learning how to think like an artist. Grade 5 and 6 students have been exploring ideas from different contemporary artists. Students have been encouraged to think creatively while working on an artwork called What it’s in my bag. Everyone has put in lots of effort and has demonstrated our school value of Djinda while working on this project. We can’t wait to have them displayed!


Thanks from the art room,


Marina López – Specialist Visual Arts teacher



Specialist News - PE


This term in PE across all learning neighbourhoods we have been working on a unit called connecting for content. Throughout this unit at the start of the year we have been participating in a range of collaborative games and activities from a resource called Playmeo, I suggest you give this a google at home and try some of these with your family, they are really fun and your child could even demonstrate some for you at home.

Foundation students have been busy learning the rules and processes in PE such as following instructions, responding to the whistle and playing minor games that focus on moving safely in the space.

Grade 1/2 students have progressed into a unit focusing on the fundamental movement skills of the overarm and underarm throw while also working on improving their catching skills through this unit.

Learning Neighbourhood 2 and 3 students are developing their athletics skills while progressing into more complex movement challenges seen in events such as triple jump where students need to move from a run to a jump.

BVPS have been lucky enough to be selected into a project called “The Village Project” this is a project aimed at improving the participation and awareness of sports such as cricket and AFL. We have been working closely with Sean De Morton who is running the project in our area and you can see him around our school community on a Wednesday morning. You might have heard your child speak of this at home from their experience on a Wednesday morning where they have been playing AFL and Cricket related activities with Sean, local cricket club Jacana and other peers. Sean has also been working in classrooms teaching a wide range of brain breaks. Part of the program will see an afterschool AusKick program commence in Week 2 of Term 2, this program will run for a period of 4-6 weeks after school and will be free for any student in our school wishing to participate, what an amazing opportunity to be part of! More details of this to come.

Ash Macarthur – Specialist PE Teacher


Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for school students and parents Updated Mar 6, 2020.

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ZOO EXCURSION - All LN1, LN2 and non-camping LN3 students will be going to the Zoo in the first week of Term 2. Permission notes went home this week - these are due back on Wednesday 25th March. If you have any questions about the excursion please see your child's homegroup teacher.

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