Newsletter - Term 4, Week 2

BVPS Valley View Monday 14th October 2019

Here’s the latest news to keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at our school.

Upcoming Events   
Wed 16 - LN2 Camp @ Camp Campaspe
Thur 17 - LN2 Camp @ Camp Campaspe
Fri 18 - LN2 Camp @ Camp Campaspe
Mon 21 - Swimming Program
Tues 22 - Swimming Program
Tues 22 - LN2 Song Room Excursion
Wed 23 - Swimming Program
Wed 23 - Parents Group Meeting - 2:30pm
Wed 23 - Children's Day (see flyer)
Thur 24 - Swimming Program
Mon 28 - Swimming Program
Mon 28 - Food Safety Certificate (Session 1) 9.30am – 1.30pm 
Tues 29 - Swimming Program
Tues 29 - Food Safety Certificate (Session 2) 9.30am – 1.30pm
Wed 30 - Swimming Program
Thur 31 - Swimming Program
Thur 31 - Grade 2 Sleepover
Mon 4 - Curriculum Day (NO SCHOOL)
Tues 5 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
Thur 7 - Student-Led Conferences
Fri 8 - 2020 Prep Orientation
Tues 12 - Food Safety Certificate (Practical assessment) 9.30am – 1.30 pm
Wed 13 - LN3 History Excursion to City
Fri 15 - 2020 Prep Orientation
Wed 20 - Parents Group Meeting - 2:30pm
Fri 22 - 2020 Prep Orientation
Fri 29 - 2020 Prep Orientation

Thur 12 - BVPS Festival
Mon 16 - Semester 2 Reports Go Home
Thur 19 - Grade 6 Graduation
Fri 20 - Last Day of Term
Term 4 - Newsletter Dates 
Mon 28 October
Mon 11 November
Mon 25 November
Mon 9 December

Term 4 - Whole School Assembly Dates
(2:35pm in the Multipurpose Hall)

Week 3 - Fri 25 October
Week 5 - Fri 15 November
Week 7 - Fri 29 November
Week 9 - Fri 13 December


Principal's Message


Hello everyone and welcome back to another term in our fabulous school. We hope you enjoyed the term break and you and your children are recharged and ready to start the final school term for the school year.

Term 4 brings with it a range of different activities and events for both students and their families.

We thank you for the overwhelming support of the Swimming program for our Learning Neighbourhood 1 & 3 students. We have filled every spot this year and I know that Mr Mac has been thrilled with the response.

Our Learning Neighbourhood 2 students will be going to Camp Campaspe Downs for three days this week and there are a host of activities that awaits them. For some of our students it will be the first time away from home, entrusted in the care of our teachers. It’s a special time for children and a very demanding time for our staff ensuring that everyone is safe, having a great time and returned back to BVPS having had a learning experience they will never forget.

We are fully prepared for what will be an exciting term, doing what we do well here at BVPS; providing the best education for every single student in our care. We encourage you to remain committed to the learning of your children by expecting that they will attend every day and on time.

These two things make such a difference to student achievement. It’s never too late to improve on these things.


Remembering with the increase in sunshine means every child must wear their hat when outside during the breaks.


The results are in!! We are very pleased with what you had to say about your school. We thank you for your honest feedback.

I am more than happy to share the results of this survey with interested parents.

Come and see me to book in a time if you were one of the 40 parents that contributed to these results.

We appreciate the time you have taken to provide us with this information. We can’t do it without you, and we value your input.

Have a great week.

Regards, Carmela


Neighbourhood News - LN2


LN2 have hit the ground running this term as we prepare for camp, our Song Room excursion, Farmer’s Club and our school festival. At the end of last term, students showcased their Enrichment learning about the local community by sharing their models with LN1 students. We have now begun a new Enrichment topic - focussing on the history of Australian Indigenous people and how the beginning of European Settlement changed the traditional way of life for them.


Next week, twenty-five Learning Neighbourhood 2 students will embark on the bi-annual LN2 Camp. The camp will take place at Campaspe Downs where students will participate in a range of activities including raft making, bush craft and team building exercises. The students will be at camp from Wednesday until Friday and are all very excited about the opportunity to engage in learning activities in a rural setting.

LN2 have an Excursion on Tuesday 22nd of October linked to our weekly Performing Arts session with Katie from The Song Room. The students will participate in a performance to celebrate Children’s Week at Federation Square. They will be able to showcase their singing and dancing skills to other students, teachers and the wider community. 

All Grade Four students had the opportunity to write an application outlining the reasons why they would like to be considered for the BVPS Farmer’s Club with Carol. The successful applicants started this program the first week back of Term 4, alongside selected LN3 students. So far, they have assessed the garden to identify what it needs and how it can be maintained and improved. The overall learning is based on a student led project in the garden, incorporating literacy and numeracy learning.

We look forward to the remainder of this term and all of the exciting events taking place.

Aimee, Jan, Nick & Laurena – LN2 Team


Specialist News - Swimming Program


Thank you to all of the parents who returned the notes for the swimming program. The program is now full to capacity with 100 students from LN1 and LN3 enrolled to participate in the program in Weeks 3 and 4.
Swimming starts next Monday. Students attending need to be at school on time to ensure they are here and ready to go as soon as the school day starts as Group 1 will be leaving at 9am.
Please remember to bring your bathers, towel, googles, spare pair of underwear and socks and a plastic bag each day. As items sometimes get left behind, please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child's name.
Parents are welcome to come and watch. Group 1 will be in the pool from 9:30am to 10:15am and Group 2 will be in the pool from 10:15am to 11:00am. All LN3 students are in Group 2. LN1 students will be split between Groups 1 and 2, so if you intend on coming to watch, please check with your child's homegroup teacher as to which group they are in.

Specialist News - PE


This semester in Health and PE has been so jam packed with learning and excitement! Lots of students have stepped outside of their comfort zones and participated in different activities.

In LN1 we had a strong focus on developing our Fundamental Movement Skills of the overarm throw and catch, we then moved on to the FMS of the ball bounce. We also had time to fit in some health content through the lens of making healthy food choices, students designed a healthy lunchbox (with some special snacks) and also touched on our literacy by reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to support our learning.

In LN2 and LN3 we were again busy preparing for the next stage of Athletics competition. We also looked at invasion games, what they are, what strategies we can implement in invasion games and what sports are classified as invasion games. LN2 and LN3 students were also exposed to a four week tennis sporting schools program with the assistance of Guccione Tennis in Westmeadows. Anthony Guccione is a professional tennis player who has played against and with some famous tennis players – Leyton Hewitt to name one! Anthony supported Mr Mac in running a four week tennis program with the students and wow did we have a ball. Students learnt the fundamentals of tennis whilst also participating in minor games and tournaments. I cannot believe how enthusiastic and engaged our students were in this program. Anthony was also pleased with the learning and outcomes of our students from the very first session with some students never seeing a tennis racquet before to some students finding it very challenging to break a rally against an opponent. All LN2 and LN3 students were given a free lesson voucher to redeem at Guccione Tennis, I strongly recommend you give this a go and see the endless possibilities that tennis provides you to be physically active.

I would like to add in a special mention to the following students who represented our fantastic school at the Woodlands Division Athletics Carnival; Jiesikah Tupuola, Jonas Kanga, Jai Humphries, Kyu Fiaui, Lester Maota, Sefine Tupuola, Richard Toma and Vincent Deleo. It was also great to see families there to support their children in their competitions. From the days results we have Jai, Lester and Sefine moving forward to represent BVPS at the Northern Metropolitan Region (NMR) Athletics this Wednesday 16th of October. To make it this far within the track and field competition is a tremendous effort, the dedication, persistence and will power to improve each stage is phenomenal. I wish you all the very best in this stage and hopefully in the next newsletter we can share if we have a state representative! Fingers crossed.



Ash Macarthur – Health and PE Specialist Teacher


Community News
  • Our adult learning classes and playgroup all start again this week. Come join the English class (every Friday 9.00-11.00am) or learn how to sew (Wednesdays 9.00-11.00am). Everyone is welcome. Child-minding is available for both classes.
  • Our ‘Valley Kids’ playgroup meets every Tuesday in the Gowrie Early Learning Centre, just next to the school oval. Bring your baby or young child. Meet new friends! Play together!
  • We are offering a Food Safety certificate course this term. This is an accredited course that is useful for anyone working or hoping to work in a business that serves food. The course will run for 3 sessions on Monday 28th October, Tuesday 29th October and Tuesday 12th November. Click here to see the flyer for more information.

Please come talk to Kirsten if you’d like to know more about any of these activities.