5/10/2020 - Message from our Principal (Term 4)

Dear Parents and Carers - As we move into the last term of the year, I welcome you back with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement for being together once again. We are all looking forward to the return of our beautiful students to their school where teachers and friends will be waiting for them.


As you know, there is one week of remote learning to be completed and then we will ALL be back on site from the 12th October. Details of this will be shared later this week. At this stage we will be welcoming ALL students back onsite from 8.45am and requesting that parents remain at the school gate until further notice. We know that you will continue to support these arrangements until it is time to welcome parents back into the school grounds.

This week will no doubt give you all the opportunity to get ready to be back at school on site on the 12th October. Uniforms will be freshly washed and ready to go, HATS to be worn this term, lunch boxes filled with the usual healthy food and treats and getting back to a regular and reasonable BEDTIME. Students being ready for learning at 9.00am. It is very important that our students are sitting with their teacher and their peers by 9am. It’s an important part of the day that enables everyone to reconnect and set the goals for the day, giving each and every student the opportunity to get ready for learning with the support of their teacher.

Getting back to pre COVID normal will be a challenge for all of us and there are some things that we have to continue to do. Social distancing and the wearing of masks for adults will remain key strategies enabling us to all remain safe and healthy.

I hope that you have been able to rest and have some time for your families over the holiday break.

We look forward to welcoming you all on the 12th October.

Kind regards