18/9/2020 - Message to the Community at the end of Term 3

Hello everyone and welcome to the end of an extraordinary term of learning. As we near the finish line for term 3, I just want to express my heartfelt THANK YOU.

Thank you for your support of our staff. Thank you for the support you have given to your children. Thanks too for the support you have given others. Thanks to the essential workers who have done their very best. Thanks to the staff who volunteered for onsite supervision. Thanks to the teachers who have flipped education again and found the positives and had the best interest of the kids at heart. Thanks to the families that have persevered with remote learning. Thanks to those who have encouraged our staff and thanked them. Thanks to the tireless work of our Admin team for supporting all of us in one way or another. Thank you to our dedicated Education Support staff for all that they have been willing and able to do. Thanks to our school councillors for continuing to support the school direction and for attending our online meetings. Thanks to Nic our magnificent technician who has supported every single one of us in his special way, ensuring the healthiest of computers and iPads. Thanks to our Student Wellbeing team that has continued to showcase best practice ensuring all our students are safe and healthy and able to learn.

Thanks to the amazing staff for supporting each other and rolling their sleeves up to get on with whatever has been needed to support our students. A team of educators who have become expert online teachers, effective collaborators, counsellors and so much more!

AND, an ENORMOUS thanks to all our students for demonstrating resilience and trying your best and for always putting a smile on our faces.

I’m sure it will be a very welcomed relief to have some down time AWAY from the screens.

Make the most of whatever you can do during the break and remember that the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

Kind regards