27/4/2020 - A Message from our Principal

Here is this weeks newsletter from Mrs Bianco. Click read more below to read it!

Hello everyone,

Isn’t it fantastic to hear that the isolation and social distancing measures we are all putting into place are making a difference to the state of Victoria?

Yes, it’s difficult, challenging and I’m sure we’re all fed up with it, but by all of us doing what we’re doing, we’re all contributing to the easing of restrictions sooner rather than later.

Keep going, don’t give up, we’re nearly there!


Another weekend has past that kept us at home and with only a short excursion to the shopping centre for our groceries! I must say I enjoy going to the supermarket anyway, but it has now become a bit of a special treat and I do take the time to look at the products instead of whizzing around like a mad woman with no time to enjoy it.

A very special thank you to all the families that are picking up the phone to take our teachers’ calls. The feedback we’re getting from them continues to be positive with everyone enjoying the contact and hearing about what is going on with them.



The following information is provided by the Education Department to schools to share with their communities. Please click the link below for information regarding the NBN and its services.


Last week saw the rolling out of our devices to the students in Learning Neighbourhood 3. I’d like to sincerely thank all of the BVPS staff who made this happen with a minimum of fuss. The teamwork was fantastic and ensured all our families were able to pick up the computers on time and with everything ready.

Online learning for most students in LN 3 will begin this week. What a great effort!        

This week we are seeing our Learning Neighbourhood 2 families coming in to collect the devices for their children.

Great to see these families and hear about how they are going with the isolation and all the children at home. There are some good stories telling us about children doing their learning, there are some not so good stories about children not doing their learning and then there are some funny stories of what is happening and how the parents are trying to deal with it all.

It’s times like these that we have to exercise our patience, take an extra breath and smile.


Take care, enjoy the sunshine today.